Can't drink, smoke, diddle my willy. Doesn't leave much to do other than watch you blokes stumble around playing Agatha Christie.

Spike ,'The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco'

Spike's Bitches 49: As usual, I'm here to help you, and I... are you naked under there?

Spike-centric discussion. Lusty, lewd (only occasionally crude), risqué (and frisqué), bawdy (Oh, lawdy!), flirty ('cuz we're purty), raunchy talk inside. Caveat lector.

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Pix - Apr 01, 2024 3:25:42 pm PDT #8094 of 8095
We're all getting played with, babe. -Weird Barbie

Agreed. The few times I've lost an established friendship, it has hurt as much (or almost, anyway) as the end of a romantic relationship.

erikaj - Apr 06, 2024 5:56:02 pm PDT #8095 of 8095
If Scooby Doo taught me anything, it's that the only thing to fear is real-estate developers.Lisa Simpson

Why does my mother lie to me so much? Because I got feedback(as I frequently do, I should note) that something I sent out didn't have enough arc for my protagonist. But, okay, what do I know about decisions with consequences?(Or even seeing a fork in a road and taking it?) Not a lot. I picked electives and bought a shitload of paperbacks. That's more or less it. But mom is so determined to act like I'm not different that she says "What? You make decisions all the time!" But it doesn't *matter* that I pick the chicken over the burger, right? Even the BA that I really did fight my way through, besides being tightly scripted, excited people for about seven seconds before people were like "But can you type?"(One day, I swear, I'll be over my graduation non-event, but it set the tone for my life in the absolute opposite way than I expected when I did my Advanced Placement tests, etc.) I mean, maybe that made sense when I was still ten and could still believe that I Could Adapt Anything, but it's way too late for all of that! Maybe I'll put it on my birthday list: Mom Admits That Being Disabled Is Different. And what do I do about my writing since I've never been at a crossroads that was, you know, my crossroads.

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