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If the Apocalypse Comes, Beep Me

Birth, death, illness, new job, vacation...if it's happening to you and you want us to know about it, post it here. These threads are intended for announcements only. Want to offer sympathy or congratulations, or talk about anything? Take it to Natter. Any natter here will be deleted.

msbelle - Sep 19, 2002 9:22:38 pm PDT #12 of 5635
I remember the crazy days. 500 posts an hour. Nubmer! Natgbsb

Thanks for all the support. The co-op board accepted me and signed the acceptance letter right there tonight!!! YAY!

Now the lawyers need to arrange the closing.

Jon B. - Sep 20, 2002 2:06:52 am PDT #13 of 5635
A turkey in every toilet -- only in America!

I 'm at Brenda Mercer's house in Milwaukee, in the middle of my "world" tour. We (The Pee Wee Fist) have played half a dozen shows so far and every one has been fun (even in Philly where there were four paying customers, but one was a Brazilian guy who wanted to take my photo...). Tomorrow we have a big show in Madison at the University. I'm expecting an audience of 12, but someone told us earlier this evening that 1000 students may be staring at me & the silver suit. We'll see... Saturday is Chicago where I expect to see a Buffista or two!


Oh - I'm registered here! Looks great! Can an Admin please add me to the secret Admin club?

Rebecca Lizard - Sep 20, 2002 8:34:32 am PDT #14 of 5635
You sip / say it's your crazy / straw say it's you're crazy / as you bicycle your soul / with beauty in your basket

I got one of the editorial assistant [not to be confused with assistant editor, even when your eyes are blurry and sleepy and you're trying to scan the letterhead] intern slots at the American Poetry Review!

Cybervixen - Sep 20, 2002 9:10:57 am PDT #15 of 5635
Queen of the Drive-By

This isn't exceptionally important, but I didn't want it to get lost in Natter. For some reason AIM ate my buddy list, so I pretty much lost everything. For those of you who are AIM inclined, IM me at CybervixenHDN, and I'll add you back to my buddy list. I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives.

brenda m - Sep 20, 2002 9:52:01 am PDT #16 of 5635
If you're going through hell/keep on going/don't slow down/keep your fear from showing/you might be gone/'fore the devil even knows you're there

Betsy HP - Sep 20, 2002 10:51:57 am PDT #17 of 5635
If I only had a brain...

I just got a call from our NC Realtor. The appraisal came through. The mortgage approval came through. The inspection turned up nothing major.

Our closing is September 27th. As of October, we will (sort-of) own precisely one house.


Theodosia - Sep 20, 2002 10:52:56 am PDT #18 of 5635
'we all walk this earth feeling we are frauds. The trick is to be grateful and hope the caper doesn't end any time soon"

amych - Sep 21, 2002 7:31:28 pm PDT #19 of 5635
Now let us crush something soft and watch it fountain blood. That is a girlish thing to want to do, yes?

This may be a little lightweight for Beep Me, but my first fencing tournament is tomorrow, and I don't know if I'll be checking in again before then. I could use some good fencing vibes, not to mention plenty of anti-falling-on-my-ass vibes, if you can spare any of those.

Madrigal Costello - Sep 21, 2002 7:54:44 pm PDT #20 of 5635
It's a remora, dimwit.

I've been dark for a week because I got the last-minute assignment to help arrange stuff for Pagan Pride Day tomorrow, along with assembling and training the Miskatonic Cheerleaders. We'll be performing for thousands of devil worshippers tomorrow, so vibes would be appreciated, esp because this is going to be an audition for the Pirate Cheerleaders for three of us, and we really want to get it because outside of Walmart, cheerleading is really the only socially acceptable venue for American women to yell and scream at people.

Beverly - Sep 22, 2002 3:49:25 pm PDT #21 of 5635
Days shrink and grow cold, sunlight through leaves is my song. Winter is long.

I've been grey for a few days, but going completely dark till Thursday night. I'll be in a Writers in Residence program, essentially a retreat. So vibes would be appreciated that the vcr does its true and trusty duty for the Buffy premiere.

I'll be skipping like a skippy mcskipperson when I get back, so keep beep me and press updated with any and all notable info. Miss you guys!