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Birth, death, illness, new job, vacation...if it's happening to you and you want us to know about it, post it here. These threads are intended for announcements only. Want to offer sympathy or congratulations, or talk about anything? Take it to Natter. Any natter here will be deleted.

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Kristen - Sep 22, 2003 12:11:08 am PDT #1 of 5635

I could use some major jobma this week, folks. Any positive vibes you could send in my direction would be most appreciated.

Kristen - Sep 22, 2003 12:10:55 am PDT #2 of 5635

I could use some major jobma this week, folks. Any positive vibes you could send in my direction would be most appreciated.

Susan W. - Jul 17, 2003 11:49:47 am PDT #3 of 5635
Good Trouble and Righteous Fights

Diana update: The new liver is working properly so far, and she's scheduled to be moved to a standard hospital room today. The new kidney is a bit slower to start up, but apparently that's normal, and she still has partial function from the kidneys she was born with, so apparently that's not a worry yet. So the appropriate outlook seems to be guarded optimism.

Vortex - Sep 17, 2002 8:41:34 pm PDT #4 of 5635
"Cry havoc and let slip the boobs of war!" -- Miracleman

Hey, Chicago Buffistas, I'm in town on Thursday night through Saturday afternoon. Not sure what my obligations are (just found out I was going today), but I'd like to try to get together.

Jess M. - Sep 17, 2002 8:54:09 pm PDT #5 of 5635
Let me just say that popularity with people on public transportation does not equal literary respect. --Jesse

Steph L, and the other (2?) Cincinnatians...I'll be in your fair city Columbus Day weekend. About the only time I can scrape a meeting might be Sunday brunch. Thoughts?

Abby - Sep 17, 2002 11:22:17 pm PDT #6 of 5635

This isn't new to me, but it's the first time I'm sharing it with you.

I could use your thoughts and prayers for my brother. He has an inoperable brain tumor. He's had it for three years now, and he was fine for a while, but they're running out of options and he getting worse again and isn't a lot they can do anymore. He's going to start an experimental chemotheraphy on Thursday. He's 36.

He married my best friend 9 1/2 years ago, and so it feels like I hurt double for my brother and for my best friend losing her husband. I live in a different city, so sometimes I can just not think about it but then I'll call or think of them and it hurts a lot. And L., my friend, has to live with it every day and she hurts so much.

Anyway, just wanted a few more people to tell God to fix him. Thanks.

Pinwiz - Sep 18, 2002 3:50:45 am PDT #7 of 5635
Missing in action since 2002...

Gudanov - Sep 18, 2002 9:09:59 am PDT #8 of 5635
Coding and Sleeping

A bit of good news. Later today a check will be sent off to pay off our last car loan. With this payoff, all four cars will be owned outright and the only debt left is the mortgage.

P.M. Marc - Sep 19, 2002 2:09:37 am PDT #9 of 5635
So come, my friends, be not afraid/We are so lightly here/It is in love that we are made; In love we disappear

Seems almost silly to post, but I'm going to be mostly dark tomorrow night, and mostly dark this weekend, as tomorrow is our 3rd wedding anniversary, and we're going to Vancouver on Saturday to celebrate.

The third one is Porn, right?

Nilly - Sep 19, 2002 6:46:44 am PDT #10 of 5635

I'm going to be mostly-dark (but actually only gray) in the next ten days or so, due to some more Jewish holidays. I will at least lurk some, and will check my e-mail regularly.

Before I'm gone, here are some dates to remember in the next week, according to the Buffista Calendar:

Tomorrow (9/20) is Sue's birthday (that's Susan O's Phoenix name, right?), Saturday (9/21) is Sophia's birthday, and Monday (9/23) is not-so-little-anymore Emmett's birthday. What a lucky bunch of days. Hopefully, I'll be back by 9/28 to wish Elena and DH a happy anniversary in a more current date, but anyway, early wishes to all of them!

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