It's not like she blew me off. She just left with another guy, that's all.

Riley ,'Conversations with Dead People'


Jeff writes up the show promos for Buffy, Angel, and Firefly; he also does the Previouslys. Love him muchly, for he sees what we don't and reports it back to us.

Jeff Mejia - Oct 25, 2002 11:21:08 pm PDT #23 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the new introduction to Firefly, as seen in the episode "Out of Gas":

The new voicover is narrated by Mal

Here's how it is. Earth got used up.

We open on the Serenity flying past the camera as it swoops around an Earth-like planet. Two moons are visible in the ditance.

So we terraformed a whole new galaxy of Earths.

The next shot is of the Serenity hovering over the ground in some desert-ish location.

NEW SHOT. We see a spaceship (Serenity?) floating down for a landing in the middle of a city with modern office buildins. Banners with Chinese-like characters can be seen in the foreground.

The next shot is of the mining town we saw in the first episode "The Train Job". A couple of soldiers/policemen are seen patrolling in the foreground, as gas flames are shown off in the distance.

Some rich and flush with the new technologies

NEW SHOT. We see the ship flying in the atmosphere of a very modern, developed city as it wends its way around tall buildings (think Trantor or Coruscant).

Some, not so much.

Cut to a shot of two horses pulling a wagon through a river, from "Our Mrs. Reynolds".

Central planets, them as formed the alliance...

Cut to a shot of a bunch of uniformed people walking in a vast computer center. This is the Alliance command center seen in "The Train Job"

Cut to another shot showing an Alliance patrol ship, from "Bushwhacked".

...waged war to bring everybody under their rule.

Cut to a shot of a battle, where we see multiple explosions.

Cut to another shot of battle, where we see a squad of soldiers shooting it out as they make their way across a battle-scarred terrain.

A third shot of the battle shows a plane/spaceship swooping down and strafing the battlefield.

A few idiots tried to fight it. Among them, myself.

NEW SHOT. We see an isolation shot of Mal on the battlefield as he hits the ground and rolls. The camera zooms in on him, then the shot freezes and fades to white.

I'm Malcolm Reynolds,

Cut to a low-angled shot looking up at Mal holding a gun on the viewer.

Captain of Serenity.

Cut to a shot of the Serenity flying off into space towards the camera (only using the two outside engines).

Got a good crew

NEW SHOT. We see a shot of some of the gang in the cockpit of the ship. Wash is seated at the controls. Zoe stands off to his right, near the wall o of the cabin. Kaylee stands directly behind Wash. Mal stands to the left of Kaylee, and Book is seated at the console further to the left.


NEW SHOT. We see Zoe in the foreground to the left, holding out her shotgun and blasting away at somebody offscreen. The scene is located in the cargo hold. Someone (Wash?)behind Zoe is seen diving for cover.

NEW SHOT. We cut to a shot of Jayne grappling with a guard or somebody in a military or police uniform. Jayne himself is wearing a version of the uniform as he brings a left forearm up to the guard's face.


NEW SHOT. Cut to a shot of Wash at the controls, straining to steer the ship.


NEW SHOT. We are looking from the vantage point of the engine, where we see Kaylee using a flashlight and peering into the engine to diagnose what is wrong.

We even picked up a preacher,

NEW SHOT. We see book standing alone in the medical bay, looking on as he holds his Bible to his chest.

and a bona-fide companion.

NEW SHOT. We see Inara walking regally through the mining town, from "The Train Job".

There's a doctor, too.

NEW SHOT. Cut to a shot of Simon, working in the medical bay.

Took his genius sister out of some Alliance camp so they're keeping a low profile.

NEW SHOT. We see Simon escorting River throught the corridors of Serenity.

NEW SHOT. Cut to a shot of Simon holding River's hand as she lays on her bed, looking on in weariness.

You got a job, we can do it.

NEW SHOT. Cut to a shot of the gang walking off the ship. We see Jayne futhest to the left of the shot, standing next to Zoe. In the front row we see from left to right Kaylee, Mal, and Wash.

Don't much care what it is.

NEW SHOT. We see Serenity kicking off the Firefly drive as it powers past a planet with Saturn-like rings.


Jeff Mejia - Oct 28, 2002 10:20:12 pm PST #24 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the promo for the next Angel episode, "Supersymmetry" :

Narrator: Next week on the WB's Big Sunday...

After some shots of the WB logo and DB standing around, we see a scene from this week's episode, where Angel, Gunn, and Fred come crashing in to save the day at Connor's place.

Cut to the shot of Angel standing on the rooftop of some building in the twilight as the camera zooms in for a close-up.

Narrator: USA Today calls Angel one of TV's best-kept secrets.

Cut to a shot from "Ground State", where we see Gwen jump-starting Angel's bare chest.

Cut to a shot of Gwen and Angel making out like crazed voles, as a graphic "TV's BEST KEPT SECRETS" - USA TODAY flashes on the screen.

Fade to a shot of Cordy materializing in the hotel lobby.

Reverse to the MoG entering the hotel and discovering Cordelia.

Cut to a shot of new footage, where we see Cordelia executing a spin kick. If you look closely (not that I would), you can see her tattoo in the small of her back, so I've been told.

Reverse angle of Cordelia's kick, as we see she's fighting a vampire, but I can't tell if it's Angel or not, since it is obviously a stunt man in the shot.

Reverse back to Cordelia, where we see she has pulled out a stake and is holding it ready to strike.

Narrator: And it's only getting better....

Cut to a shot of Cordelia, wearing different clothes than the action shot earlier, talking to somebody whose head we see just the corner of, but I'm guessing it is Angel or Wesley, because the hair is too short to be Connor's. [Edit - boy am I wrong about this. After re-watching the episode "Slouching Toward Bethlehem", I realize this scene is from that episode. Cordy IS talking to Connor. So much for my brilliant deduction].

Cordelia (whispering): "Something bad is gonna happen."

Cut to a shot of Connor in profile, standing and looking on with a sullen smirk on his face.

Cut to a shot of Angel walking through a hallway in the hotel.

Narrator: Those closest to Angel share something...unexpected.

Fade to black, then fade in to the now infamous scene, where we see Cordy and Connor. They appear to still be in the room that Connor has staked out for himself. Cordelia is standing in front of a closet and the camera is as though it is in the back of the closet lookingout. Connor comes up from behind Cordy and brings his arms around her waist. He leans in closer to Cordelia's neck.

Connor: "How 'bout some more training?"

Cut to a shot of Angel opening a door of a hotel room and peering in.

Narrator: An all-new Angel, next week on the WB's Big Sunday.

Grr. Arrgh.


Jeff Mejia - Oct 28, 2002 10:58:26 pm PST #25 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the previously on breakdown for this week's episode of Angel, "Slouching Toward Bethlehem":

(Gunn) Previously on Angel...

Shots from "Tomorrow":

We open on a shot of Connor, staring into the sea from the boat.

Cut to a shot of Connor looking down into the box that he has Angel strapped into.

Connor: "You murdered my father."

Reverse angle down to Angel, laying down in the box.

Angel. "I didn't."

We see Justine and Connor roll the box into the ocean.

Scenes from "Deep Down"

We cut to a shot of Fred and Gunn, talking to Connor.

Fred: "He's been down there for three months and you knew."

Reverse to see Connor, sneering at Fred and Gunn.

Flash cut to Wesley dragging Angel's body into the Hyperion lobby.

Wesley: "I believe you're looking for this."

Cut to a more recovered Angel, talking to Connor in the Hyperion office, then cut to a close up of Angel.

Angel: "What you did to me, is unbelievable."

Cut to a reaction shot of Connor, then cut back to Angel.

Angel: "I love you, Connor. Now get out of my house."

A scene from "Ground State":

We see Wesley and Lilah making out as Wesley explains why he saved Angel.

Wesley: "I had to raise him."

Cut to a shot of Lilah.

Lilah: "For what?"

Back to Wesley, as he leans in for a serious kiss.

Wesley: "For fighting people like you."

Back to scenes from 'Tomorrow":

We see Skip telling Cordelia what is happening.

Skip: "What you're being called to do, transcends love. You become a higher being."

Cut to Cordelia asecending to the higher plane, known in these circles as "The Crapture".

Cordy (VO): "Me?"

Back to scenes from "Ground State":

We see Angel staring at a picture.

The next shot shows an insert of the picture, which we see is Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley standing together and smiling.

Angel (VO): "I need Cordy. Now."

Cue the scene of Fred's presentaion explaining what the Axis of Pythia is to Angel and Gunn,

Fred: "The Axis of Pythia. It's an ancient relic said to be able to find souls or entities across dimensions."

Reverse back to the guys, as we see Angel hold up his pad, while Gunn turns and looks.

Angel: "Entities like..."

Cut to a close up of Gunn.

Gunn: "Cordelia."

Cut to a shot of Glow!Cordy in her higher dimension.

Cut back to Angel, talking to Gunn and Fred in the Hyperion lobby after he used the Axis of Pythia.

Angel: "There's all this light around her, made up of pure joy. Felt sort of permanent."

Cut to the end scene of "The House Always Wins":

We see Angel, Fred, and Gunn walking through the front doors of the Hyperion.

Cut to a shot of Cordelia, dressed in a white robe, standing in the middle of the lobby.

Cut back to a close up of Angel.

Angel: "Cordelia?"

Cut back to Cordy.

Cordelia: "Who are you people?"


Jeff Mejia - Oct 29, 2002 9:22:23 pm PST #26 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the promo for next week's Buffy episode, "Him":

Narrator: Next Tuesday, on an all-new Buffy...

We open with a shot of what appears to be the Bronze. We see Dawn (dressed up for dancing) storm across the floor as she tries to pass Buffy. The shot is from behind Dawn.

The next shot reverses angles, where we see that Buffy has held her arm up to stop Dawn as we see Dawn's face. Dawn flounces to a stop and looks angry.

Reverse angle again to focus on Buffy. Her hair has the notorious bangs. Buffy then walks past Dawn, brushing past her and bumping her with her shoulder.

We get the glowy Celtic cross effect, then flash cut to a shot of Dawn, dressed casually in a dark jacket, fighting some other girl (we see from behind the other girl, so we can't tell who it is except they have longish hair). The scene could be outside the Bronze.

We cut to another angle of the fight, this time from the side, as the other girl and Dawn drag each other down to the ground.

Narrator: Watch what happens when Buffy gets the hots for her little sister's boyfriend.

Now we get some of UPN's "special effects". The next scene fades in with a kind of starry twinkle added to the shot and a tinkling sound effect, kind of like the sound you hear on Antiques Roadshow when they reveal the value of an item. The actual shot fades in to what appears to be a closed classroom, where we see some Sunnydale High boy wearing a letter jacket. We can see Buffy (dressed in black) leaning against the closed door and looking at him seductively. Buffy brings up her hand and points at him suggestively.

Cut to another shot in the classroom. This time, we see Buffy and the guy from the side as they appear to be standing close together in the middle of the room. Buffy grabs the guy's jacket by the front and plants a big kiss on him.

Cut to a shot of Dawn peering in the window of the classroom, her eyes going wide with shock.

The screen fills up with a "special effects" fire, then we cut to a shot of Dawn and Buffy talking as they sit on their couch at home. Dawn is wearing a different shirt than we have seen before. Buffy is still wearing black.

Dawn: "You betrayed me."

Reverse to a close up of Buffy. As Buffy speaks (as though she were talking to a child), we get the sparkly "special effects" again.

Buffy: "You're the one who constructed this elaborate fantasy about you and my lover."

The sparkles fade out, and we see a scene at the Bronze where we see Dawn dancing with the guy. Dawn holds her arms up over her head and dances suggestively and the guy dances directly behind her, leaning in to nuzzle her neck.

Cut bakc to the Summers' household, as Dawn stands up in shock and indignation.

Dawn: "Your lover?"

We cut to a couple of shots of the band The Breeders air-playing their instruments.

Narrator: With musical guest The Breeders. sotto voce How appropriate.

We "twinkle in again on a new shot. This time we see Buffy is straddling the student as he lays back on a table in the center of the room. Buffy and the guy turn their gaze towards the door.

Reverse cut to see Xander standing in the doorway.

Xander: "Get off the boy Buffy, we're going home."

Cut back to Buffy straddling the boy, as the boy leans his head back and Buffy turns to look at him.

Cue Buffy logo.

Narrator: An all-new Buffy, UPN next Tuesday at 8, 7 Central.

Grr. Arrgh.


Jeff Mejia - Nov 01, 2002 9:26:25 pm PST #27 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the promo breakdown for next week's Firefly episode, "Safe":

Narrator: Next Friday, on an all-new Fifefly...

After seeing a shot of the ship flying in space, we cut to a shot of Sereniy on the ground as the hatch opens, then we see Mal, Kaylee, Ze, and Wash starting to walk off the ship.

Flash cut, then we see Jayne herding some cattle, while Simon stands further back, looking on.

Cut to a shot of Mal talking to Book (shot from behind Book). We see Jayne fruther back behind a fnece, and see the cattle roaming around in the pen. Jayne sees something and moves off to our right.

We see Mal talking to Jayne as they walk next to a pen holding cattle.

Narrator: It was supposed to be an easy job, until everything went wrong.

We see two men come charging at Mal and Jayne, holding out guns.

Cut back to Mal and Jayne as they duck.;

Mal pulls out his gun, but it is shot from his hand.

Narrator: Now, one crew memeber is dowCun...

Flash cut, then we see Mal approach somebody lying on the ground.

Reverse angle to see that it is Book lying on the ground, with a woulnd to his chest.

Cut back to Mal as he kneels down beside Book.

Reverse angle and we see a stricken Book struggle to look up at Mal.

Mal (VO): "Stay with me Shepherd."

Now we cut to a shot as the gang is bringing Book on board Serenity. Mal and Jayne are carrying Book on a stretcher, as Kaylee reacts to what she sees.

Kaylee: "Oh God, Shepherd can you hear me?"

Cut to a shot of Simon scrambling through a densely wooded area as a couple of people in dusters chase him

Narrator: ...Two more

Reverse from behind Simon. We see him approach River, who is just standing in the woods. Simon pushes River forward.

Simon: "Run, run!"

Reverse back from in front of River. We see her turn and start running as the guys in the dusters catch up to Simon.

Cut to a later shot as we see one of the guys pull a hood or bag over Simon's head.

Narrator: are missing.

Cut to another shot as another guy picks up River and carries her off.

River: "Aaagh!"

Cut to the hold of Serenity. We see Mal, Zoe, and Wash talking about what's happened. We can see Inara on the second level, looking down on the conversation. The shot is from behind Inara.

Wash: "It looks like maybe they got snatched."

Reverse angle to see Inara's reaction.

Inara: "Kidnapped?"

Fade to black, then briefly cut in to see Mal in the medical bay.

Narrator: And their captain must decide...

Fade back in on Book convulsing on his bed in the medical bay, as Mal and Jayne? try to help.

Fade back out to black, then back in on Wash and Kaylee at the end of the bay, looking worriedly on.

Cut to a close up of Inara.

Inara: "He's dying!" [Transcriber's note - no shit, Sherlock.]

Fade to black, then fade in on Simon running towards some pile. The shot is outdoors in front of a house, and we can see a circle of people gathered around.

Narrator: ...who to save.

Fade to black, then fade back in as we see some guy grab River and drag her towards the center of the gathering. People are surrounding them, hokding torches since the shot is at night.

Fad to black, then fade in to reveal that River is being tied to a stake, set for burning.

Cut from behind the stake as we see the handlers tie River's hands togehter behind the stake.

Cut to Simon, standing in front of River tied to the stake, as he screams at the assembled townfold.

Simon: "She has done nothing to you!"

Cut to a shot of the ship in space.

Narrator: An all-new Firefly...

Cut to a shot of somebody lighting the wood gathered at the stake with a torch.

Cut to River and Simon standing together at the stake.

River: "Time to go."

Cut to a shot of flames shooting, then a shot of the cast.

Narrator: One week from tonight, on Fox.


Jeff Mejia - Nov 03, 2002 9:59:25 pm PST #28 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the promo breakdown of next week's Angel episode, "Spin The Bottle":

Narrator: A trippy spell bends their minds.

We open up on a shot of Angel, standing in the middle of the Hyperion lobby. He truns his head right, towards the camera. The motion of his head turning is blurred.

Cut to a shot of the group (including Wesley!) sitting on the Hyperion floor. They are seated in a circle around a mess of candles in the center, and they are linking hands together with each other. In this shot, we see Wesely, then Cordelia, then Gunn. As the camera pulls in on them, they pull there hands away from each other, reacting to some force.

Cut to a shot of Fred sitting in a corner and caressing a fern. The motion blurs to get that "trippy" effect.

Wesley (mostly in VO over the shots): "We'll just wait to see if there are any side effects."

We cut to a shot of Cordy, sitting by the stairs, as she holds her head in reaction. The camera blurs on this shot, too.

Blur in on Weseley, expositing the above line as he's seated on the red couch thing.

Cut to a shot of Cordy, as she looks down at her chests and holds her breasts, as though weighing them.

Quick cut to a shot of Angel, standing alone by a wall with a worried look on his face.

Cut to a shot of Fred, grinning and laughing. We can see Cordelia standing behind her, holding her hands up to her ears and not paying attention to anything else.

Narrator: Five friends become strangers.

Cut to a shot at the entire gang standing in the lobby, as they turn and look at the camera. Wesley is furthest to the left. Angel is next to him, but further back. Fred is standing to the left of Angel. Further left, but closest to the camera, is Cordelia. All the way to the right is Gunn, who stands right next to Cordy. [Transcriber's note - this shot is a little too close to the "Tabula Rasa" shot from Buffy for my taste.]

Cut to a solo shot of Cordelia as she walks forward in the lobby.

Cordelia (seductively): "What's your story?"

Cut to a shot of Angle, now standing in front of the door of the hotel.

Cut to a shot from the weapons cabinet, as we see Angel and Fred open the cabinet up and stare at them.

We see a solo shot of Cordelia as she spins towards the camera.

Wesley (VO, mostly): "We're locked in a house with a deadly vampire, and you have to kill him before he kills you."

Cut to a shot of Gunn, Fred, and Wesley walking through a darkened hallway. Each of them is carrying a weapon, Fred with a baseball bat-sized stake.

Cut to the shot of Wesley expositing this scenario.

Cut to a shot of Angel standing in front of the door outside, as he looks around himself. He has a very confused look on his face.

Narrator: It's a twisted game...

We see a shot of Wesley standing in front of Gunn, as Wesley brings a serious-looking knife blad up to Gunn's chin. [Transcriber's note - imagined dialogue -"You're going to lose that goatee even if I have to cut it off myself."]

Cut to a shot of the top of Cordelia's face, as she is hiding behind the big grey froofy thing in the lobby.

We see Fred peering out around a corner.

We see Angel, standing in front of a bathroom mirror, waving his hands as he realizes he has no reflection.

Angel (worried): "I'm a vampire. They're going to kill me."

Cut to a shot of Angel going into vamp-face.

Cut back to Angel in the bathroom.

We see a shot of Gunn swinging his special axe at something in the lobby.

Narrator: ...of life or death.

We see Angel throw a right cross at somebody. I'm thinking it is Connor.

Cut to a shot of Angel standing in the lobby as Gunn is leaning on the front desk rail. Gunn is holding his axe in his hands.

Angel: "I guess I'm going to start feeding on your corpses."

Cut to another side of the lobby, as Wesley holds his arm up as though to shield Fred.

Focus in on Gunn as he reacts to what Angel is saying and he pulls his axe into a ready position.

Back to Wesely and Fred, as Fred turns to Wesley with a look of horror on her face.

Cut to a solo shot of Angel standing in the middle of the lobby.

Cut over to Cordelia, standing by the weapons cabinet. She has her arm out and is pointing towards Fred. NOTE: Lorne is barely visible in this shot, sitting on the grey circular couch thing.

Cordelia: "She's the tasty one. Half of her is neck."

Cut back to Wesley and Fred. Fred visibly gulps.

Cue the Angel logo.

An all-new Angel, next week on the WB's Big Sunday.

Grr. Arrgh.


Jeff Mejia - Nov 04, 2002 9:49:15 pm PST #29 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the previously on that aired with the Angel episode "Supersymmetry":

(Fred) Previously on Angel...

We open with a shot from "Belonging". We see the missing poster of Fred that the MoG came across.

Cordelia (VO): "Fred disappeared five years ago. They never found her."

Cut to some shots of Fred grabbing the book in the library, opening it up, then having the portal to Pylea open up.

Wesley (VO): "Cordy's been sucked into the portal. She's in the Host's dimension."

Cut to a scene from "Through the Looking Glass", as Fred is captured by the Pylean constable.

Fred: "They use you as a slave."

Cut to Angel coming up to Fred in her cave.

Cut to Angel adjusting Fred's glasses

Fred: "Handsome man, saved me from the monsters."

Cut to scenes from last week's "Slouching Towards Bethlehem"

We see Cordelia in close up, talking to the gang in the lobby.

Cordy: "So we know each other?"

Reverse angle to Angel, Gunn, and Fred.

Angel: "Yeah. Really well."

Pull away to a shot of the entire lobby, as Fred slowly walks up to Cordelia.

Fred: "Not to sound all movie-of-the week, but I think you might have some kind of amnesia."

Cut to a close up of Cordelia as she tries to make sense of her surroundings.

Cut to a shot of Angel, stanidng beside the office.

Angel: "I think there's a way we might be able to sort this out. Pick a song."

We see Cordelia, huging herself and looking puzzled.

Cut to Cordelia standing in front of a seated Lorne, Gunn, and Fred, with Angel standing next tho them.

Fred: "So Lorne can read you."

Gunn: "You sing, he sees your future."

Cut to a solo shot of Cordelia singing.

Cordelia: "Because the greatest..."

Cut to a shot of Lorne, looking absolutely scared.

Lorne: "Great! Enough!"

Lorne stalks off.

Cut to Angel standing outside Lorne's door.

Angel: "What'd you see?"

Lorne (OS): "Go away."

Angel: "If it's that bad, I need to know."

Lorne opens the door.

Lorne: "It's that bad...Evil's coming, Angel, and it's planning on staying."

Cut to a shot of Lilah, standing outside of Wesley's bedroom and talking on her cell phone.

Lilah: "You're sure that it's her? Put an extraction team together."

We see Wesley silently listening to Lilah's conversation.

Cut to a shot of Wesley in the Hyperion, telling the gang what he knows about what is going on.

Wesley (VO): "Wolfram and Hart are planning to extract Cordelia, and I doubt your boy will be able to stop them."

Cut to some shots as Angel, Gunn, and Fred rush to rescue Cordelia from the Wolfram and Hart team.

Cut to the afttermath of the fight, as Angel tries to help Cordelia.

Angel: "We should probably get you back home."

Cordelia; "Actually, I'd like to stay here, with Connor."

Cut to a reaction shot of Connor, looking smugly at his dad.

Flash cut to a close up of Lorne, bound and gagged to a chair in the office.

Fred (VO): "Oh my God!"

Cut to a wide shot, as Fred reaches up to remove the gag.

Angel: "Lorne?"

Fred: "Is he alive?"

Close in on a close up of the new hole in Lorne's head.

Angel: "Who did this?"

Lorne: "Wuh..."

Angel: "Wolfram and Hart."

Gunn: "But why?"

Angel: "They must have know Lorne read her. They weren't after Cordy, they were after what Lorne saw when she sang."

Back to later scenes at Lilah's apartment. Wesley is standing in the doorway talking to Lilah. The shot is from behind Wesley.

Wesley: "You played me."

Lilah: "Free will. Look it up."

Reverse the shot from behind Lilah, focusing on Wesley.

Wesley: "Lilah...."

Reverse back to focus in on Lilah.

Lilah: "You're the one who decided to take what you overheard and give it to the Good 'n Plenties."

On Good 'n Plenties, reverse back to Wesley, then cut to Angel leaning in towards Lorne.

Angel: "How much did they get?"

Lorne: "All of it."


Jeff Mejia - Nov 05, 2002 9:39:36 pm PST #30 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the promo breakdown for the next Buffy episode, "Conversations With Dead People":

Narrator: UPN next Tuesday, on an all-new Buffy...

We open on a shot of the graveyard at night. Buffy is doing flips while a vampire is chasing her.

We see in a shot from behind the vampire as Buffy hits him with a backhand.

Cut close in to see the vampire wrapping his hands around Buffy's throat.

Reverse to the the vampire looking down on Buffy.

Vampire: "Buffy?"

Cut back to Buffy as she looks up in puzzlement.

Cut back to the vampire.

Vampire: " Buffy Summers?"

Back to Buffy, looking more puzzled.

Flash cut to a shot of Dawn as she brings her arms up to protect her head.

Narrator: All over town...

Cut to a shot of a wall or window lit from an outside light as blood splashes up onto it.

Angle over to another wall or window as more blood spatters on it.

Cut to a shot of Willow seated at a table in the house, with open books on the table. Some blonde woman is standing in front of her with her back towards the camera.

Willow: "...your really dead."

Cut to a shot of Dawn sitting in the center of a darkened room, with lit candles surrounding her. A graphic "THEY'RE SEEING" flashes on the screen.

Cut to a close up of a candle-lit Spike, as a graphich "DEAD PEOPLE" flashes on the screen.

Narrator: ...they're seeing dead people.

Flash cut to a black and white shot of a grave in the graveyard, with a hand sticking straight up out of it.

Cut to a shot of Buffy and someone else crash through a stained glass window of the church/chapel seen in "Beneath You".

Reverse the shot to from the inside of the chapel as Buffy and the other guy crash through the glass.

Cut to the creepiest shot in the promo. As lightning flashes to light up the Summers' living room, we see Joyce splayed out on the couch, much like she was in "The Body", but her eyes are all blank and milky. I think we see Dawn's head in the left corner of the shot, looking towards the couch.

Zoom in on Joyce.

Reverse to a shot of Dawn.

Cut to a shot from a different angle, at a different time, as we see Dawn hold her head with her hads. She winces as the windows next to her explode inward from some force.

Cut to a shot of the empty living room, totally in the dark, as all the windows blow inward.

We see a shot of Dawn laying on the floor and looking up, as we see debris scattered all around.

We see what look like stills of another girl (in black and white) superimposed over stop-motion (in color) of Dawn standing up amidst the debris.

Cut to black, then fade in on Willow seated at the table. She is visbly crying. We can just see a bit of blonde hair in the foreground.

Willow: "Tara!"

Cut to a shot of Dawn, sitting in a dark corner of the house and holding an axe.

Dawn: "Mom?"

Cut to a shot of Buffy, standing in the graveyard and preparing herself for something.

Buffy: "Here we go."

Flash cut to a shot of Spike holding a blond someone as he vamps out and rushes forward to bite (but we don't see the finish of the bite).

Cut to a shot of Dawn, standing in the living room, bringing the axe down for a killing blow.

Cut to what looks to be an excavated pentagram, cast in silver or some other shiny metal with cryptic designs all over it. We see two somthings digging it out. The shot is at night, as they have lanterns for illumination.

Cut to Buffy being held up against a tombstone by a vampire.

Narrator: It's Buffy's Night of the Living Dead.

Reverse to the vampire, as he shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head.

Vampire; "Everyone's got issues."

Cue Buffy logo.

Narrator: UPN Nest Tuesday, at 8, 7 Central.

Grr. Arrgh.


Jeff Mejia - Nov 05, 2002 10:18:46 pm PST #31 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the previously on for the Buffy episode "Him":

(Giles) Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer....

In the shortes previously on record, we see only scenes from the last new episode, "Selfless"

We open up on Buffy visiting Spike in the basement. This it the Buffy dressed in black, rather than the imagined Buffy that Spike was talking to just previous to this scene.

Buffy: "Spike, this is the Hellmouth. You have a soul? Fine. Show me. Get out of this basement."

We cut to Spike, seated on the floor and kind of hinding behind his hands as he looks up to Buffy.

Spike: "I don't have anywhere else to go."

We cut to the end of the episode, where D'Hoffryn is explaining things to Anya.

D'Hoffryn: "There will always be vengence demons. But now you, Anya, you're out."

Cut to outside the frat house, as Xander tries to talk to Anya about what happened. This shot focuses on Xander.

Xander: "Whatever's between us, doesn't matter. You shouldn't be alone in this."

Cut to a close up of Anya: "Yes I should."


Jeff Mejia - Nov 08, 2002 10:21:49 pm PST #32 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the promo breakdown for next week's Firefly episode, "Ariel":

Narrator: For years, she was subjected to inhuman experiments.

We open up with a shot of River laying on a bed in the medical ward, sleeping.

Fade to black, then fade in on visions she is having of the experiments. We see a brief cut of an extreme close up of a needle or electrode attached to her eyelid, then flash onto a couple of figures in full white envirosuits leaning down over the scene, with a bright light glaring from behind them.

Flash cut to another shot of the electrode hooked up to her eye.

Flash cut again, until we pull out and reveal River seated in a mutand dentist chair. River is in a white hospital gown. The chair with its attached apparatus is in the middle of a very dark space as light shines down on River.

We cut to another shot of the electrodes. This time, we see that the electrodes are not attached to the eyelids, but seem to dig into the skin surrounding the eye, out around the orbital ridge. A bright light flashes into River's face as her eye moves around.

We cut to River waking up and screaming from the medical ward bed.

River: :"Ahh!"

Narrator: Now, to save his sister....

We see a shot of Serenity in space as the Firefly engine kicks in.

We then fade in on a shot of Simon, dressed in the white coat and stethescope of a doctor. The location is in some bright, white, medical ward or something. Other figures are in the background, but they don't look like anybody we know.

We fade to a shot of River, laying donw on some medical equipment and being scanned, similar to an MRI.

Cut to a shot of Mal in close up talking to Simon.

Mal: "She's gettin' worse, isn't she?"

Cut to Simon: "Yes."

Fade to black, then fade in on Mal and Wash moving out of camera range. They appear to be in the hold.

Narrator: ...this crew will pull its biggest heist yet.

Cut to a shot of some of the gang, dressed up as Alliance guards (a guess) coming through an air duct into a sterile-looking white room. I think Mal is in the lead.

Cut to a shot of figures (can't tell who it is from the distance) in guard uniforms wheeling some gurneys through another room, thins time in grey but still sterile-looking.

Cut to a shot of Simon standing alone in the middle of the hold, talking to the rest of the gang.

Simon: "I've a job for you."

Reverse to see Mal and Jayne standing.

Mal: "You've got a job for us?"

Reverse again, but this time from further away, so that we can see that Simon is walking towards Mal and Jayne.

Simon: "One that will pay for itself ten times over."

Cut to a shot of Kaylee, standing in front of the cargo netting as she looks pensive.

Cut to a close up of Jayne, looking intrigued when the phrase "ten times over' hits him.

Cut to a shot of Wash, in Hawaiian (sp) shirt, spelling things out for Simon.

Wash: "You're talking about breaking into a highly secure Alliance facility."

Cut to a shot of computer imagery of the layout of the facility, as a sign flashing "SECURITY" flashes on the screen.

Cut to a shot of the gang, in the uniforms, pushing the gurneys towards some kind of checkpoint where other guards are standing.

Cut to a wide shot of one of the busy rooms in the facility, maybe the lobby of the medical wing or something.

Switch to a shot of Simon standing very close to River as he tries to reassure her that things will be OK.

Simon: "When this is over, I'll be able to make the nightmares go away."

Flash on to a shot of River's arm gripping the evil dentist chair.

Cut again and zoom in on River seated in the chair and undergoing what looks like the Clockwork Orange treatment.

Flash cut bakc to Simon talking to River.

Switch from the head on angle to one from the side as we see River telling Simon what she's afraid of.

River; "I don't want to go to that place. I don't want to die."

Flash shot of Serenity zooming through space.

Narrator: An all-new Firefly...

Cut to a shot of Doctor!Simon wheeling River, seated in a wheelchair, down some corridor in the medical facility. Simon is looking back over his shoulder.

Fade out, then fade in on some guys in different uniforms (with berets!) coming down some steps.

Uniformed guy: "Federal marshal! Don't move!"

FAde to black, then fade in on some beret!guy slapping Jayne (in uniform) on the back as though to apprehend him.

Fade to black, then fade in on River, seated in the wheelchair. The camera pans up to reveal a man in uniform standing next to her (uncertain who it it) and Doctor!Simon as he looks on in horror.

Narrator: One week from tonight on FOX.

Cue the cast shot.