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Jeff writes up the show promos for Buffy, Angel, and Firefly; he also does the Previouslys. Love him muchly, for he sees what we don't and reports it back to us.

Jeff Mejia - Nov 05, 2002 10:18:46 pm PST #31 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the previously on for the Buffy episode "Him":

(Giles) Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer....

In the shortes previously on record, we see only scenes from the last new episode, "Selfless"

We open up on Buffy visiting Spike in the basement. This it the Buffy dressed in black, rather than the imagined Buffy that Spike was talking to just previous to this scene.

Buffy: "Spike, this is the Hellmouth. You have a soul? Fine. Show me. Get out of this basement."

We cut to Spike, seated on the floor and kind of hinding behind his hands as he looks up to Buffy.

Spike: "I don't have anywhere else to go."

We cut to the end of the episode, where D'Hoffryn is explaining things to Anya.

D'Hoffryn: "There will always be vengence demons. But now you, Anya, you're out."

Cut to outside the frat house, as Xander tries to talk to Anya about what happened. This shot focuses on Xander.

Xander: "Whatever's between us, doesn't matter. You shouldn't be alone in this."

Cut to a close up of Anya: "Yes I should."


Jeff Mejia - Nov 08, 2002 10:21:49 pm PST #32 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the promo breakdown for next week's Firefly episode, "Ariel":

Narrator: For years, she was subjected to inhuman experiments.

We open up with a shot of River laying on a bed in the medical ward, sleeping.

Fade to black, then fade in on visions she is having of the experiments. We see a brief cut of an extreme close up of a needle or electrode attached to her eyelid, then flash onto a couple of figures in full white envirosuits leaning down over the scene, with a bright light glaring from behind them.

Flash cut to another shot of the electrode hooked up to her eye.

Flash cut again, until we pull out and reveal River seated in a mutand dentist chair. River is in a white hospital gown. The chair with its attached apparatus is in the middle of a very dark space as light shines down on River.

We cut to another shot of the electrodes. This time, we see that the electrodes are not attached to the eyelids, but seem to dig into the skin surrounding the eye, out around the orbital ridge. A bright light flashes into River's face as her eye moves around.

We cut to River waking up and screaming from the medical ward bed.

River: :"Ahh!"

Narrator: Now, to save his sister....

We see a shot of Serenity in space as the Firefly engine kicks in.

We then fade in on a shot of Simon, dressed in the white coat and stethescope of a doctor. The location is in some bright, white, medical ward or something. Other figures are in the background, but they don't look like anybody we know.

We fade to a shot of River, laying donw on some medical equipment and being scanned, similar to an MRI.

Cut to a shot of Mal in close up talking to Simon.

Mal: "She's gettin' worse, isn't she?"

Cut to Simon: "Yes."

Fade to black, then fade in on Mal and Wash moving out of camera range. They appear to be in the hold.

Narrator: ...this crew will pull its biggest heist yet.

Cut to a shot of some of the gang, dressed up as Alliance guards (a guess) coming through an air duct into a sterile-looking white room. I think Mal is in the lead.

Cut to a shot of figures (can't tell who it is from the distance) in guard uniforms wheeling some gurneys through another room, thins time in grey but still sterile-looking.

Cut to a shot of Simon standing alone in the middle of the hold, talking to the rest of the gang.

Simon: "I've a job for you."

Reverse to see Mal and Jayne standing.

Mal: "You've got a job for us?"

Reverse again, but this time from further away, so that we can see that Simon is walking towards Mal and Jayne.

Simon: "One that will pay for itself ten times over."

Cut to a shot of Kaylee, standing in front of the cargo netting as she looks pensive.

Cut to a close up of Jayne, looking intrigued when the phrase "ten times over' hits him.

Cut to a shot of Wash, in Hawaiian (sp) shirt, spelling things out for Simon.

Wash: "You're talking about breaking into a highly secure Alliance facility."

Cut to a shot of computer imagery of the layout of the facility, as a sign flashing "SECURITY" flashes on the screen.

Cut to a shot of the gang, in the uniforms, pushing the gurneys towards some kind of checkpoint where other guards are standing.

Cut to a wide shot of one of the busy rooms in the facility, maybe the lobby of the medical wing or something.

Switch to a shot of Simon standing very close to River as he tries to reassure her that things will be OK.

Simon: "When this is over, I'll be able to make the nightmares go away."

Flash on to a shot of River's arm gripping the evil dentist chair.

Cut again and zoom in on River seated in the chair and undergoing what looks like the Clockwork Orange treatment.

Flash cut bakc to Simon talking to River.

Switch from the head on angle to one from the side as we see River telling Simon what she's afraid of.

River; "I don't want to go to that place. I don't want to die."

Flash shot of Serenity zooming through space.

Narrator: An all-new Firefly...

Cut to a shot of Doctor!Simon wheeling River, seated in a wheelchair, down some corridor in the medical facility. Simon is looking back over his shoulder.

Fade out, then fade in on some guys in different uniforms (with berets!) coming down some steps.

Uniformed guy: "Federal marshal! Don't move!"

FAde to black, then fade in on some beret!guy slapping Jayne (in uniform) on the back as though to apprehend him.

Fade to black, then fade in on River, seated in the wheelchair. The camera pans up to reveal a man in uniform standing next to her (uncertain who it it) and Doctor!Simon as he looks on in horror.

Narrator: One week from tonight on FOX.

Cue the cast shot.


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"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the promo breakdown for next week's Angel episode, "Apocalypse Nowish" :

We open directly on a shot of Gunn and Lorne talking in the Hyperion lobby. A splat noise is heard and Gunn turns his head towards the door.

We then see Gunn coming up to the glass door as something SPLATS! against it, leaving a splotch of blood on the window.

Fade to black, then the graphic "IT IS THE BEGINNING...." splashes across the screen in fiery type.

We start to heard Cordy's voice over the graphic.

Cordelia (VO): "I can taste the blood of all the people it's gonna kill."

As we continue hearing Cordy, the shot fades in on Angel stalking through what looks like the kitchen.

Fade to black, then fade in on Connor seated in the hotel lobby.

Reverse to see Cordelia speaking, still continuous from the voice over.

Cordelia: " No one's safe."

Another fiery graphic appears on the screen - "OF THE END."

Cut back to seeing Gunn and Lorne through the glass doors of the hotel from the outside as they react to multiple objects splatting against the hotel.

Reverse the shot from behind the guys as they look out through the door. My guess is that a rain of toads is hitting the hotel.

Cut to a close up of Lorne, looking very concerned.

Shift to a close up of Gunn, talking to Lorne.

Gunn: "I'm guessin that this isn't a good sign."

Another fiery graphic flashes on the screen - "BUT THE END..."

Cut to a close up of Cordelia talking to Angel somewhere in the hotel.

Cordelia (softly): "I love you."

Reverse to a shot of Angel, looking astonished.

Another graphic flashes on screen. "IS JUST THE BEGINNING."

Cut to a shot of a naked leg peeping out from under some sheets as the camera pans up to the head of the bed.

Jump cut to the top of the bed, where we see two people locked in an embrace. Can't identify either of the partners, but I'm guessing that is Connor on the bottom of the clinch.

Someone screaming can be heard in the background.

Flash cut to a different scene, where we see Wesley (on the bottom) ripping open the shirt of what I'm taking as Lilah made up to look like Fred. My guess is based on the amount of cleavage seen in the shot.

We then see a shot of Cordelia rising out of a prone postion, as if she is waking from a dream. Cordelia draws in her breath in shock.

Cut to a shot of Angel in the lobby (sans black leather coat seen in all the previousl shots).

Angel: "Is it making any kind of weird demony sounds?"

Cue a shot of Gunn, screaming as he raises his axe. He is standing inside one of the hotel rooms.

Gunn: "Aagh!"

Switch to a shot of a bunch of rats scampering across a bathroom floor.

Cue a shot of Fred screaming.

Fred: "Aagh!"

Switch to a shot of Wesley, apparentily in an outside location, double fisted with pistols as he shoots at something off-screen.

Gunn (VO:) " Stay away from me!"

We then see a shot of Cordelia crawling backwards on the ground away from the camera.

A fiery "THE APOCALYPSE" graphic flashes on the screen.

We get a shot of something with eyes and it seems very charred skin all in black.

We see Cordeila laying onf the ground and sitting up, as her eyes are almost totally white.

Cordelia: "He's coming. He's coming now!"

Cut to a shot of Angel raising a sword and charging at something towards the camera. The location is uncertain, but there is something glowing in a ray pattern on the wall behind him.

Cut to a calmer scene, as we see Angel talking to Lorne.

Angel: "It's not like the world is going to end right this second."

We see the glowing eyes of the creature that was seen in Cordelia's vision at the end of "Spin the Bottle".

Cut the Angel logo, this time with RAIN OF FIRE under the ANGEL lettering; and the sky of LA engulfed in flames.

Narrator: Rain Of Fire. An all-new Angel next week on the WB's Big Sunday.

Grr. Arrgh.


Jeff Mejia - Nov 10, 2002 10:34:29 pm PST #34 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the previously breakdown for tonight's Angel episode, "Spin the Bottle":

(Lorne) Previously on Angel...

We open with a shot from "Slouching Towards Bethlehem":

We see a close up of Cordelia returned from the higher plane.

Cordy: "Who am I?"

We here Fred's voice over shots from "Suppersymmetry"

Fred (VO): "I think you might have some kind of amnesia."

We see Cordelia and Connor huggin each other after Cordelia has just killed a vampire, then they kiss.

Cut to the shot of Connor coming up behind Cordelia and suggest they should undertake more "training".

We see a recovering Lorne in bed, talking to Angel about the situation.

Lorne: "Cordelia's shacking up with your Hellspawn, no offense."

Cut to the reaction shot from Angel.

Switch to Connor realizing that Cordelia is leaving his place.

Connor: "Your going back to him, aren't you?"

Reverse to Cordelia as she looks at Connor with sympathy.

Flash to Professor Seidel walking though his office door.

Fred (VO): "It was Professor Seidel. He was the son of a bitch that sent me to Pylea."

We see the mystical book that Fred discovered on the Professors bookshelf.

We cut to the reaction shot of Fred reading the book and realizing that Professor Seidel is the source of the problems.

We then cut to the scene in the Hyperion office where Fred and Gunn are discussing what they have found out about the Professor.

Gunn: "He's gonna pay."

Reverse to a pissed-off Fred.

Fred: "He's gonna die."

We then see Fred loading her crossbow as she is seated in the passenger seat of Wesley's car.

Pan out to a two-shot of a driving Wesley and Fred in the passenger seat.

Wesley: "You can still back out, if you think Gunn's right."

Move in to a close-up of Fred.

Fred: "Charles doesn't have it in him. It's part of what I love about him."

Cut a reaction shot of Wesley. I think he is reacting to the word "love", myself.

Switch to the scene at the school, where we see the dimensional portal open up at the Professor's feet as Fred holds him at crossbow point.

We see Gunn rushing into the room.

Gunn: "Fred, no!"

We see a shot of the Professor holding on to a table, trying not to fall into the portal.

Cut to Gunn pleading with Fred.

Gunn: "If you kill him, I'm gonna lose you."

We then see Gunn grab the Professor and snap his neck, then dump him into the portal.

Fred looks on in astonishment.

Angel comes onto the scene afterwards.

Angel: "What happened to the Professor?"

Switch back to Gunn.

Gunn: "It's taken care of."

Switch over to Fred, silently agreeing.

Cut to the scene with Cordelia and Angel in the garden outside the hotel at the end of the episode.

Cordelia: "Were we in love?"

Switch over to Angel, silent.


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"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the promo breakdown for the next Buffy episode, "Sleeper" :

Narrator: UPN Next Tuesday, on an all-new Buffy...

We open with a shot of of Spike walking down a Sunnydale street with a girl (not one we recognize) in his arm. The girl is wearing a purple top.

We fade in on a different shot, where Spike and the woman appear about to kiss. This shot appears to be in a deserted location.

We then cut to a shot in the Bronze. On the catwalk, we see Spike (with a different girl) push away from the girl, and we then cut to a stunt of the girl flipping over the catwalk railing and falling down to the ground.

Narrator: Girls are really falling for bad boy Spike. [Transcriber's note - aren't those UPN guys just the funniest ?]

Cut to Spike sinking his teeth into an older-looking woman. This shot is at a different location, maybe an interior room in the school.

Switch to a shot of Spike and Anya. The shot is from behind Spike as he is on his bed, and we can see that Anya is sitting on the bed opposite him. Anya has kind of a "what the hell, why not?" look on her face.

Anya: "Let's go!"

We reverse to a shot from behind Anya. We now see that Spike is probably naked under the sheets. We also see that Anya is holding a wooden stake in her right hand.

Spike: "Is that a stake?"

We reverse back to focus on Anya. She has a "oh, this?" look to her as she glances at the stake.

Narrator: Will Buffy be next?

We now see Buff talking to Spike on one of Sunnydale's streets. People can be seen walking around in the background.

Buffy: "You know you want it."

Buffy twists her head a bit to expose her neck, as though offering it to Spike.

Cut to a shot of Spike, looking surprised, as he is stopped in the middle of putting his shirt on. I think this is at the apartment.

Spike: "Ohhh-hh-hh!"

Now we see a shot of Buffy, wearing a black sweater, standing in the middle of a room as she turns her head toward the camera.

Spike (OS): "Your jealous."

We then cut to a shot (in a different location) where Spike turns his head towards the camera as he goes into vampface.

Narrator He can be a naughty suciker. [Transcriber's note - The funny just keeps comin'.]

Cut to another shot, where we see Spike (in vampfiace) holding/grabbing Buffy. A vampire can be seen off to the side, looking on. Buffy is wearing a beige coat. She is just staring at Spike.

Spike closes in for the bite. As he gets closer, Buffy (acting passively all along) winces. Spike appears to hesitate as he closes in. We don't see the completion of the scene, as the shot dissolves into a close up of Aimee Mann singing onstage.

Narrator: Plus special musical guest Aimee Mann.

As Aimee Mann is singing, a graphic "AIMEE MANN" appears on the screen.

We then cut to a shot of backstage at the Bronze, as Aimee is coming offstage. We can see Spike standing off to the side a bit in the shot.

Aimee Mann: "I hate playing vampire towns."

Cut the Buffy logo.

Narrator Buffy, UPN next Tuesday at 8, 7 Central.

Grr. Arrgh.


Jeff Mejia - Nov 12, 2002 11:16:10 pm PST #36 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the breakdown of the previously on seen in tonight's Buffy episode "Conversations With Dead People":

(Giles) Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

We open up on Warren charging after Buffy with his gun and shooting, from "Seeing Red"

The gunshots go off. We see Xander and Buffy fall to the ground, then see Warren running away, still shooting (wildly)

We then see the shot break through the bedroom window.

Cut to Tara getting hit.

Reverse to Willow, with blood spattered on her blouse, as she reacts.

Willow: "Tara?"

Cut to the shot where Dark!Willow flays Warren alive, from "Villains"

After the flaying, Dark!Willow turns her head towards Buffy.

Cut to Buffy, looking on in horror.

Buffy: "Willow, what did you do?"

We see a scene from "Two to Go", where Andrew and Jonathan are in the holding cell in jail as Anya explains what is going on.

Cut to Anya

Anya: "We have to get you out of here, or you'll both be killed."

Pull out to see all three characters in the jail cell.

Andrew: "What about Warren?"

Focus back in on Anya.

Anya: "She killed him."

We turn to scenes from "Grave". We see Andrew talking to Xander as they are fleeing down the streets of Sunnydale from Dark!Willow's wrath

Andrew: "We've gotta get out of this town. "

Andrew turns to talk to Jonathan, then the shot changes angle to see both to them.

Andrew: "Mexico. We should go to Mexico."

Scenes from "Beneath You":

We see Anya in the Bronze staring at Spike.

Anya: :"How did you do it?"

Cut to a shot of Buffy.

Buffy: "What is she talking about?"

We see Spike brush Anya off as he tries to leave.

Spike; "Nothing. Let's go."

Reverse shot to see Anya staring intently into Spike's eyes.

Anya; "I can see you."

Cut to Buffy in the chapel at the end of the episode.

Buffy: "You got your soul back."

Switch to the ending shot of Spike leaning on the Cross.

Move on to scenes from "Help". We see Cassie, looking startled, as she and Buffy are at the exit to the school.

Reverse to a shot from behind Cassie, focusing on Buffy. We see Cassie collapse to the ground.

Buffy: "Cassie?"

Cut to Cassie falling to the ground, then Buffy rushing down to help her.

Buffy: "Cassie!"

Focus in on Cassie, lying dead on the floor as Buffy tries to take her pulse.

Buffy (whispering): " Cassie!"

Fade to shots from "Beneath You". We see Crazy!Spike talking to Buffy after the fight with the worm.

Spike; "This is just the beginning, love. Horror and bloodshed."

Reverse to see Buffy, trying to understand what Spike is saying.

Cut to a shot of Spike standing, as he recites this year's catchphrase.

Spike; "From beneath you, it devours."


Jeff Mejia - Nov 13, 2002 5:52:31 pm PST #37 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here are the lyrics (as well as I can make them out, please post suggested corrections in the Buffy thread) of the song at the beginning and end of last night's Buffy episode.

[Edit - After some searching, I have discovered that the title of the song is "Blue"]

At the start of "Conversations With Dead People"

Night falls
I fall
And where were you?
And where were you?
Warm skin
Wolf grin
And where were you?

I fell into the moon
And it covered you in blue
I fell into the moon
Can I make it right?
Can I spend the night?

High tide
The air is dew
And where were you?
I died
And where were you?

I crawled out of the world
And you said I shouldn't start
I crawled out of the world
Can I make it right?
Can I spend the night

At the end of the episode

I fell into the moon
And it covered you in blue
I fell into the moon
Can I make it right?
Can I spend the night

Jeff Mejia - Nov 17, 2002 10:29:56 pm PST #38 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the previously on breakdown for the latest Angel episode, "Apocalypse Nowish":

(Angel) Previously on Angel...

The opening shots come from "Suppersymmetry":

We open up with a shot of Wesley and Lilah in bed together.

Cut to a shot of a clothed Wesley grabbing Lilah's arms and stopping her seduction.

Wesley: "I have to leave, actually."

We then see Lilah pick up the magazine the Wes was reading before he left.

Cut to an insetrt of the article "Supe Symmetry and P-Dimensional Subspace" by Winnifred Burkle.

We see Fred tell the good news to the gang.

Fred: "I've been asked to present my article at the Physics Institute."

Cut to a shot of the Professor introducing Fred to the audience at the talk.

Professor Seidel: "Winnifred Burkle."

Fred: "Thank you Professor."

Cut to a shot of Wesley in the audience, looking satisfied as Fred is introduced.

Cut to a shot of Lilah, standing at the back of the audience, glaring at Wesley.

We then move forward to see a shot of the Professor walking through his office door.

Fred (VO): "Professor Seidel sent me to Pylea."

We see Fred standing in front of the Professor's bookshelf.

Then we cut to the Professor at the point of Fred's crossbow.

Reverse to see Fred steady the crossbow at the Professor.

Now we see Gunn pleading with Fred.

Gunn: "If you kill him, I'm gonna lose you."

Gunn snaps the Professors's neck and dumps him down the portal.

Cut to scenes from "Slouching Towards Bethlehem":

We see a long shot of Cordelia in her white robes in the lobby of the Hyperion as Fred, Gunn, and Angel walk towards her.

Angel: "Cordelia?"

Cut to a close up of Cordy.

Cordelia: "Who are you people?"

We then see Cordelia siiting on her bed in the hotel room, totally freaked out.

Angel (VO): "She just showed up, with no memory, no idea who she is, where she's been."

Cut to a shot of a picture of Angel and Cordelia holding baby Connor.

Cut back to see Cordelia looking at the picture.

Cut to Angel, trying to help out.

Angel: "Pick a song."

Pull back to reveal Cordy standing in front of Lorne, Gunn, Fred, and Angel.

Gunn: "You sing, he sees your future."

Focus in on Cordelia, singing badly.

Cordelia (singing): "Because the great-est..."

Reverse to see Lorne, looking very upset by what Cordy is revealing to him.

We then see Lorne, in his room, talking to Angel standing outside his doorway.

Lorne: "What I saw was jumbled."

Reverse to focus in on Lorne.

Lorne: "Evil's comin', Angel, and it's planning on staying."

Move forward to the Hyperion lobby, where Cordelia, freaked out, asks for Connor's help.

Cordy: "Can you get me out of here?"

Connor offers his hand, and Cordelia places hers in his as they get ready to leave.

Cut to a shot of Cordelia and Connor fighting a vampire.

We cut to a close up of Cordelia dusting a vamp.

Cut to Cordelia hugging Connor, then giving him a quick kiss.

Angel (VO): "She's with Connor, my son.

Cut to Lorne, bound and gagged in a chair in the office.

Reverse to Angel coming up to Lorne.

Angel: "Wolfram and Hart were after what Lorne saw when she sang."

Fred reaches up to comfort Lorne.

Fred: "They sucked it out of his head?"

Zoom in on Angel, leaning in towards Lorne.

Angel: "How much did they get?"

Reverse to Lorne.

Lorne: "All of it."

We finish with shots from "Spin the Bottle":

Lorne (VO): "I've found a memory spell guaranteed to bring our Cordy back the way she was."

We see Lorne give Cordelia the potion that restores her memory after the spell, as Connor and Angel look on.

The camera zooms in on Cordelia, then switches to a close up as she reacts to the flood of memories.

Cut to an Angel close up.

Angel: "Were we in love?"

Reverse to Cordelia, looking sad.

Cordelia: "We were."


Jeff Mejia - Nov 19, 2002 9:36:05 pm PST #39 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is another wonderful promo from the folks at UPN for next week's Buffy episode, "Never Leave Me" :

Narrator: UPN Next Tuesday on an all-new Buffy

We open with a shot of Buffy and Spike fighting in a room in the Summers' house as the UPN NEXT TUESDAY logo splashes on the screen.

We see Buffy block a punch from Spike, then switch to an angle behind her as Spike (in vampface) swings a right across Buffy's chin.

Reverse to behind Spike as Buffy tumbles down into a corner, then switch back as Spike turns and growls at Buffy, then heads out the door.

Narrator: The show USA (sic) gives four stars

Cut to a shot in the darkened downstairs of the Summers' house, as we see a hooded figure coming at Buffy. A graphic USA TODAY and four stars appears superimposed on the image.

The robed figure comes at Buffy with a knife or sword. We reverse to an angle behind the robed figure as we see Buffy block the weapon.

We then cut a little further on as we see that Buffy has a long weapon (like a staff or axe-hanle) that she is using in her defense. She brings the weapon up and slams the robed figure as it flies back.

Flash cut to a close up of a seated Spike, in human form but with blood on his lips.

Spike: "Do you have any idea what I'm capable of?"

Cut to a shot of Anya standing in some bedroom as Andrew is standing in front of her, next to the wall. A hand comes out of the wall and grabs Andrew.

Cut to a close up of the hand grabbing Andrew by the throat.

Reverse to Anya backing away from the action with a shocked look on her face.

We then reverse back to Andrew, as we see another hand come through the wall and grab Andrew by the head, then pull Andrew through the wall.

Cut to a shot of the room on the other side of the wall, as we see Spike drag Andrew through the hole he's created.

Cut to a little bit later, where we see Spike vamping on Andrew's neck.

Narrator: He's addicted to blood and there's only one thing for a Slayer to do.

Cut to a shot of Spike (in human guise) with blood on his lips, looking remorseful

Spike: "You've got to kill me."

As a graphic THANKSGIVING appears across the shot, we see Buff tying Spike to a chair tightly with rope.

Narrator: This Thanksgiving, Spike goes cold turkey. [Transcriber's note: Stop it, UPN promo dept, you're killing me]

A graphic COLD TURKEY flashes across the screen as we cut to a shot of TiedUp!Spike roar as he goes into vampface.

We then see Spike make a fist and flex his arm muscles against his restraints.

Cut to a shot of Willow and Buffy standing outside a bedroom door.

Buffy: "We need to get him some blood."

Cut to a close up of Willow

Willow: "Do you want me to kill Anya?"

Cut to Buffy.

Buffy (resignedly): "(Pause) No."

Cue the Buffy logo.

Narrator: UPN Next Tuesday at 8, 7 Central.

Grr. Arrgh.


Jeff Mejia - Nov 19, 2002 10:35:51 pm PST #40 of 121
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

Here is the previously breakdown for tonight's Buffy episode, "Sleeper":

(Giles) Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

We open with a scene from "Beneath You", where Spike is talking to Buffy about what is coming. We are focuse on Buffy's reaction to Spike's words. Mainly, she looks annoyed.

Spike: "I'm just a guy with his ear to the ground, and even I can feel it."

We switch back and forth between them, and then we cut to scenes from other episodes as Spike continues in voiceover.

Spike(VO) "Something's coming. I don't know what exactly, but something's brewing, and it is so big ugly and damned, it makes you and me look like little bitty puzzle pieces."

We see the girl in Istanbul, running through the darkened streets.

We then cut to a robed figure pulling out a curved knife.

We see the Istanbul girl wince as the knife comes slashing down.

We then cut to the girl in Frankfurt, backing away from some robed figures.

A robed figure grabs the Frankfurt girl and throws her on the ground.

We see the girly roll on the ground and moan.

We cut to a robed figure bringing a curved blade down on the girl.

We cut to the girl as she gets stabbed.

Switching away from that theme, we see scenes from "Him". We see Xander open the door to his apartment as he leads the gang in.

Xander (pointing): "You're going to live in the small room over there. I know it looks like a closet, but it's a room now."

Cut to Spike as he walks into the apartment.

We now see Xander talking to Buffy and Dawn.

Xander: "And I hate this plan. I just don't understand when his problems became your problems."

Cut to Spike, standing alone, away fromt the others.

Cut back to Buffy as she tries to explain.

Buffy: "The school basement is making him crazy. We can't just leave him there."

Cut to Spike again.

Cut back to Buffy as she turns toward Dawn.

Buffy: "Things are different now. He has a soul."

The remaining shots are from "Conversations With Dead People".

We see Dawn, warily listening to the bumps in the night.

Dawn: "Mom?"

Flash cut to shots of what looks like Dead!Joyce on the couch as some black, winged creepy figure strangles her.

Cut to a few reaction shots of Dawn.

Cut the windows exploding.

We see Dawn flinch at the window carnage.

More shots of all the windows to the living room exploding.

Cut to a shot of Dawn as she is thrown back against the wall.

We see blood on the walls as it disappears.

Dawn (VO): "Get off her. Let her talk to me!"

We cut to Dawn laying on the floor, as a glowing light appears. Dawn looks up.

Cut to a close up of glowy Not!Joyce (my take anyway).

Not!Joyce: "Things are coming, Dawn. When it's bad, Buffy won't choose you."

Cut back to Dawn's reaction.

Dawn: "No!"

We move to scenes of Willow and Not!Cassie talking in the library. We see Willow's reaction to realizing that Not!Cassie is part of the big bad.

Reverse to a shot of Not!Cassie leaning in and explaining things to Willow. Her lines overlap scenes.

Not!Cassie: "You don't know hurt. This last year is going to seem like cake after what I put you and your friends through and I'm not a fan of easy death. Fact is, the whole good versus evil, balancing the scales thing, I'm over it."

We see the girl come up to Spike and place her cigarettes next to him at the bar.

Pull back to see the girl motion for a light and then sit next to Spike.

We then see Spike and the girl walking down the sidewalk.

Cut to Spike bringing the girl up to her apartment steps.

Cut back to Not!Cassie finishing up her conversation with Willow.

Not!Cassie: "But believe me, I'm going for a big finish."

We cut to see Spike vamp out and bite the girl.

Reverse to see the girl's reaction to the bite.

Cut back to Willow and Not! Cassie. We see Willow coming to a conclusion.

Willow: "From beneath you, it devours."

Reverse to the shot where Not!Cassie's mouth widens hideously, then some beast comes out before it disappears as though it swallowed itself.

We move to Buffy and Vamp!Webster talking in the crypt. The shot is towards Buffy.

Buffy: "What do you mean? How do you know Spike?"

Reverse to focus in on Vamp!Webs

Vamp!Webs: "What do you mean, how? He was the guy that uh, oh, what's the word?"

Cut back to Buffy, as the implications hit her.

Buffy: "Sired."

Reverse back to Vamp!Webs.

Vamp!Webs: "Yeah. He's the guy that sired me."

Cut to Buffy standing amidst a shower of vampire dust.