Zoe: Planet's coming up a mite fast. Wash: That's just cause, I'm going down too quick. Likely crash and kill us all. Mal: Well, that happens, let me know.


Coffee On My Monitor Again

This thread is for Buffista quotage. Posts that are profound, witty, or otherwise deserving of immortality go here. This is also Shrift's source for the BRQG, so be aware that if your words end up here, they'll also end up there. Finally, please note which thread spawned the quotage and please white-out anything that might be spoilery to Un-Americans.

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Laura - Dec 24, 2022 12:29:13 pm PST #1314 of 1314
"Against all evidence, I keep thinking the assholes are outliers." - James Holden


NoiseDesign: I’ve been taking it three times a day for a couple of years now.

aurelia: I'll bet Pix doesn't have to pin you down, squirt it in your mouth, and then give you treats to cover the cherry flavor.

NoiseDesign: How we choose to live our lives is our business.

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