Spike: Ladies. Come on in. Plenty of blood in the fridge, don't be shy. Dawn: You mean like, real blood? Spike: What do you think? Dawn: Mostly I think, 'Eew!'


Coffee On My Monitor Again

This thread is for Buffista quotage. Posts that are profound, witty, or otherwise deserving of immortality go here. This is also Shrift's source for the BRQG, so be aware that if your words end up here, they'll also end up there. Finally, please note which thread spawned the quotage and please white-out anything that might be spoilery to Un-Americans.

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Topic!Cindy - Jan 20, 2022 12:15:00 pm PST #1311 of 1312
What is even happening?

From Natter.

Jessica: As a manager I understand the value of performance reviews but as a person who doesn't want to write my self-evaluation I think I should just get a raise for having cute hair and not have to talk about it.

DavidS: You should totally get a cute hair raise!

-t: Let's normalize this. Although my hair is not cute lately - I haven't had a haircut since before COVID had a name and am just wearing a knit hat all the time at this point. It's a pretty cute hat.


-t: You have my sword

Steph L.: And my beanie.

dcp - Sep 02, 2022 8:16:02 am PDT #1312 of 1312
Lo que serĂ¡, serĂ¡.

From Natter:

Trudy Booth: Great problems call for Graeter solutions

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