Angel: Miss me? Lilah: Only in the sense of…no.

'Just Rewards (2)'

When come back bring tape

It does happen to everyone. No, really. No need to be self-conscious.

Let us help you out. Missed an ep of something, Jossverse or otherwise? Ask here for help -- don't forget to include contact information, and come back and mention when you're no longer in need.

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Sophia Brooks - Sep 29, 2002 6:44:06 am PDT #18 of 1070
Cats to become a rabbit should gather immediately now here

I am looking for the following:

1. FFL/Darla which I accidently taped over with Angel

2. Wrecked, which I accidently taped over the bring down the house sex with WWF wrestling by hitting record instead of rewind when I was -- ahem-- studying the scene.

Laura - Sep 29, 2002 9:42:21 am PDT #19 of 1070
Our wings are not tired.

Smashed or Wrecked Sophia? I have both, bringing down the house sex was in Smashed, right?

Sophia Brooks - Sep 29, 2002 2:42:10 pm PDT #20 of 1070
Cats to become a rabbit should gather immediately now here

oops-- I always get those two mixed up! Yes, Smashed.

Laura - Sep 29, 2002 8:20:10 pm PDT #21 of 1070
Our wings are not tired.

I can get that to you Sophia. Profile addy is good.

esse - Sep 30, 2002 12:03:52 am PDT #22 of 1070
S to the A -- using they/them pronouns!

Oh joy of joys.

Flipping through the cable in the lounge tv, I was horrified to discover than in addition to not having UPN (bastards), I also have lost access to the WB. The WB, damnit. That's like taking away my air. Or at least my hoyay.

So, um. Anyone taping Smallville that might ferry it my way?

askye - Sep 30, 2002 12:55:08 pm PDT #23 of 1070
Thrive to spite them

I'll hook you up with Smallville.

Trudy Booth - Sep 30, 2002 3:30:46 pm PDT #24 of 1070
Greece's financial crisis threatens to take down all of Western civilization - a civilization they themselves founded. A rather tragic irony - which is something they also invented. - Jon Stewart

Any New Yorkers (or mailers) who could hook me up with the second Firefly? Like an idiot I taped John Doe instead.


Theodosia - Sep 30, 2002 4:24:14 pm PDT #25 of 1070
'we all walk this earth feeling we are frauds. The trick is to be grateful and hope the caper doesn't end any time soon"

If the Nyorkers can't do it, I still have it on the TiVo, Trudy, so let me know if you don't get hooked up.

brenda m - Sep 30, 2002 7:54:18 pm PDT #26 of 1070
If you're going through hell/keep on going/don't slow down/keep your fear from showing/you might be gone/'fore the devil even knows you're there

Taking a long shot here: did anyone by chance tape the first episode of Scrubs from lats Thursday? We taped it but my wife taped over it before I had a chance to watch it.

billytea, I should still have that one. Profile addy is good if you still need it.

billytea - Sep 30, 2002 7:59:26 pm PDT #27 of 1070
You were a wrong baby who grew up wrong. The wrong kind of wrong. It's better you hear it from a friend.

Hi Brenda. Lori's already answered the call, so I don't get to rag on DW anymore. But thanks for the offer.