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EpicTangent - Jun 23, 2022 2:47:19 pm PDT #5596 of 5596
Why isn't everyone pelting me with JOY, dammit? - Zenkitty

Brief Check In post: Started back to work (remote) on Monday. Some things on my work laptop that I thought were properly set up, proved to be...not. I'm working on workarounds and trying to coordinate with IT. And of course, getting through 6 weeks of emails...sigh.

And yesterday was my 3rd round of chemo. I had to squeeze in another appt before my chemo appts yesterday, then there were really bad delays at the infusion center so it was a long-ass day (1st appt 8am, got out of there abt 4:15). But I still seem to be tolerating the chemo OK. Almost no nausea (and no vomiting, knock on wood), fatigue, and this totally weird tingly reaction to cold. But, considering how bad it could be, I'm counting myself lucky (as far as one gets lucky in these circumstances).

And I had a PET scan last Monday, which seems to show no additional cancer, so that's also a qualified yay.

Still have the (M-Fing) surgical drain. I just pushed my appt tomorrow to next week (again) because it's still producing too much. Fingers crossed for next week; it's getting beyond uncomfortable and wandering into painful territory. A literal, as well as figurative, pain in the ass.

But all things considered, I'm doing alright.

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