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EpicTangent - Aug 18, 2022 5:24:21 pm PDT #5599 of 5600
Why isn't everyone pelting me with JOY, dammit? - Zenkitty

Time for another check-in! This week was round 7 (of 8) of chemo. Met with the doctor instead of the NP this time so we could discuss the MRI I had on 7/29 (which was a complete cluster, but at least it got done eventually). Possible TMI: There are apparently 2 masses in my colon (I thought only 1), very near each other, so not a surprise the GI doc had a hard time with the colonoscopy - not much space to get through. BUT, they are now "necrotic" and the fact that they are slightly larger than at my last MRI is not a huge surprise because my last MRI was a good month or month and a half before I actually started chemo. Because I felt like I needed the reassurances, I made the doctor specifically agree with the statement(s), "So it looks like the treatment is working as intended. I'm not likely to die. And by sometime next summer I will very probably get to have a normal life again." And he agreed! I'm pretty good at compartmentalizing, and just assuming that things will work out, and not allowing myself to dwell on the shitty very much. But I really felt like I needed the reassurances right then, so I'm so pleased that Dr. H was in agreement! One more chemo infusion, then I get around a month off then start radiation (paired with chemo pills). So that will be the next adventure.

Meanwhile, our timeclock system keeps stealing time from me and the person in finance who understood the system left and the new person is learning on the fly because I have to keep emailing her the screwups. We get a tiny amount of sick time so I have to use vacation time to cover these long-ass chemo days, but the system keeps taking more time from my balance than I requested and erasing hours I was actually on the clock. So now I'm cutting it super-close trying to make sure I have time available to cover the hours I'm at the Dr. So that's a lot of fun when I definitely don't want to be wasting my somewhat limited energy to keep checking up on a fricking computer program that should just process the time as entered. As I keep saying - everyone knows that cancer is scary as hell, but no one warns you how incredibly INCONVENIENT it is!

EpicTangent - Sep 26, 2022 12:50:26 pm PDT #5600 of 5600
Why isn't everyone pelting me with JOY, dammit? - Zenkitty

Hey, All. News of the (my little) world: The dr finally took out the surgical drain on Wednesday (Hallelujah!), but then Wednesday night I started feeling sick - chills, aches, mild nausea. I was somewhat better on Thursday, but took the day off work because I was still draggy as anything with fatigue. For whatever reason, it either hadn't occurred to me or I lacked the executive function to overcome my fatigue, but I didn't take my temp until Thursday night - 100.5. So I finally got to use one of my at-home covid tests - negative. Friday morning it was 100.4, so I called in again. As Friday is my usual home health nurse day, I filled her in. She checked and said the wound itself looks okay, and my temp was down to 99.9. She had me send a message to the dr about the whole thing, which I thought was ridiculous at 4:45 on a Friday, but she was sure that people check the messages and forward them on. But of course, no response until this morning. My temp is back to normal finally and I feel OK. But when the person who called said my doctor had an opening today, I went ahead and took it. A unicorn like that felt like a sign. So I'll have them check the wound is healing, see if they want bloodwork to check for infection and whatnot. (NB: nurse had me send the msg to my GP and my surgeon. Still haven't heard back from my surgeon. Really starting to take a dislike to him).

In more directly cancer news, my last chemo infusion was unhooked 9/2. I meet with the radiation oncologist this coming Wednesday, and I have another MRI that afternoon. If my math is correct, I'll start radiation - with chemo in pill form - in early October. More (probable) good news - I asked my chemo oncologist how long I'd have to be on chemo after surgery #2 & before surgery #3 and he said possibly not at all! He said as long as the surgery goes well and seems to get everything, I won't have to do more chemo!

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