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smonster - Mar 23, 2021 1:45:45 pm PDT #5555 of 5557
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Hi - my March fundraiser only has a few days left, and once again I have not pushed it the way I meant to. It’s been a month, but then isn’t it always? If you got your stimulus and don’t need all of it for essentials, or just have a little extra room in your budget, please consider kicking in at least $5-10. My parents gave us kids some of their stimulus so I have pledged $90. We do have a $300 match, and I hope to raise $1000 total this month.


javachik - Apr 15, 2021 1:02:29 pm PDT #5556 of 5557
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Hi everyone, Amyth left me some sentimental items to share with this community.

She bestowed a few pieces of lovely fun costume jewelry, and a few of Scola’s framed works. I hope to have enough keepsakes to send to any of you who would like a memento. You’ll be happy to know that The Corset is finding a perfect new home with Vortex.

I was going to take some photos next week of the jewelry and prints and post them to the FB page, but not everyone has an account there. So instead I’m taking a different approach. Please email me (profile addy good) if you would like to be considered for a memento. Please don’t reply to me on the board because I’m thousands of posts behind in the threads and won’t see it.

I’ll post same to FB page, and then be able to match items based on interest that way.

ETA: just realized it’s probably a good idea to put some sort of time constraint on this! Please email me by Monday April 19. Thanks!

javachik - Apr 19, 2021 10:41:49 am PDT #5557 of 5557
not to be confused with java cat

Very gentle reminder to email me today if you’d like a memento of Amyth’s.

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