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'Out Of Gas'

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meara - Apr 29, 2024 12:29:25 pm PDT #3 of 1562

Oh no Shir! I hope you recover quickly.

JenP - Apr 29, 2024 12:32:41 pm PDT #4 of 1562

Oh, Shir, that sucks! Keep me/us posted. I've had two sets of friends get it over the past month or so. One set missed their eclipse plans because of it. Boo.

-t - Apr 29, 2024 12:35:15 pm PDT #5 of 1562
I am a woman of various inclinations and only some of the time are they to burn everything down in frustration

New Natter!

What timing, Shir! I hope it passes quickly and with little effect.

-t - Apr 29, 2024 12:36:55 pm PDT #6 of 1562
I am a woman of various inclinations and only some of the time are they to burn everything down in frustration

Also {{smonster}}. Job~ma and ennui~ma and I hope the trip is a good one

Shir - Apr 29, 2024 1:05:24 pm PDT #7 of 1562
"And that's why God Almighty gave us fire insurance and the public defender".

Good news is that I'm officially without fever from about an hour ago (w/o medication). If it can stay like this for the next 23 hours as well, it's all good and only another day's delay in schedule with masks everywhere. Good thing I brought plenty.

NoiseDesign - Apr 29, 2024 1:12:24 pm PDT #8 of 1562
Our wings are not tired

Hey look. New Natter.

erikaj - Apr 29, 2024 1:19:12 pm PDT #9 of 1562
I'm a fucking amazing catch!--Fiona Gallagher, Shameless(US)

Haven't been here for thread turnover in a while. Not much to say, though.

askye - Apr 29, 2024 2:12:51 pm PDT #10 of 1562
Thrive to spite them

New Natter!

Shir I hope you stay fever free. I went to the Dr about my lack of desire to do anything and general feeling of fatigue and my even worse sleeping. I was frustrated because he went straight to prescribing Trazadone and wanting to increase he Lexapro. I know I had blood work in Dec and things were good. But I also know what depression and anxiety feels like for me and this has been different. So after a brief discussion he did order some blood work to check for vitamin deficiencies and some other things.

Maybe an increase in meds and short term help sleeping is all I need but also it seems better to rule out other causes. So I got blood work.

My nephew is going to be in town for a long weekend. The same weekend as JZ's memorial. I was able to get get my schedule arranged so I can see him. I'll make time for the live steam of the memorial. It will be good to see E. He will be 16 in Aug. I haven't had a chance to really talk to him , every time I'm free he is busy with Scouts or his part time job or swimming.

smonster - Apr 29, 2024 2:56:27 pm PDT #11 of 1562
We won’t stop until everyone is gay.

New thread smell!

Shir, lots of wishes for fast healing.

Thanks, -t. The one (out of two) coworkers I like may have walked out today? Unclear. Waiting for a text back but he super hates texting.

askye, I’m glad you pushed for testing. Do you know how long it will take before you get results?

Edited: I went to Beep Me. Duh. JZ’s memorial is 5/18 for anyone else out of it.

DebetEsse - Apr 29, 2024 3:56:26 pm PDT #12 of 1562
Woe to the fucking wicked.

Oof, Shir, glad it's mild and I hope you clear the infection soon.

I will have to miss the memorial. DH is in Mamma Mia and we don't have the child care infrastructure to make that weekend work. Sad.

Uncertain work drama... Not a good band name.

Askye, that seems reasonable.

Speaking of meds, I've just started a low-does SSRI and have nausea on Day 2. I'm trying to figure out if this will persist, because this is worse than what it's trying to fix. Anyone have any insights or experiences?