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NoiseDesign - Sep 17, 2021 2:03:27 pm PDT #9341 of 15368
"You'd think a house full of crazy people would be fun. It's actually really depressing." --Bart Simpson

I think if we get anything it will be mild it just complicates all sorts of stuff with a small company. I now have one person who needs to isolate for 10 days due to testing positive. If I test positive I need to do the same, and then we start to run into coverage issues on our work sites.

I'm also testing again tomorrow because I need to have a negative test from a specific testing company in order to enter a work site on Monday for a site survey for a project that happens on Oct. 1 to 3. Also if one or both of us get a positive result I think that means we won't be able to travel to my cousin's wedding in Ireland, we have a flight on Oct. 2.

So from a health perspective I'm not super worried, but from a, "keep my company from defaulting on projects" perspective this is a mess.

EpicTangent - Sep 17, 2021 2:12:39 pm PDT #9342 of 15368
Why isn't everyone pelting me with JOY, dammit? - Zenkitty

Good luck, ND & Pix, that is...a lot.

Thanks, Steph & Jen!

NoiseDesign - Sep 17, 2021 2:24:59 pm PDT #9343 of 15368
"You'd think a house full of crazy people would be fun. It's actually really depressing." --Bart Simpson

It's just frustrating. The country has just pushed forward and while I'm glad to have work and the business is looking good, there just aren't many options for small businesses when this virus makes things go sideways.

Laura - Sep 17, 2021 2:35:08 pm PDT #9344 of 15368
"Against all evidence, I keep thinking the assholes are outliers." - James Holden

Sending lots of negative~ma.

JenP - Sep 17, 2021 2:46:56 pm PDT #9345 of 15368

Negative -ma, indeed, Pix and ND.

-t - Sep 17, 2021 3:00:58 pm PDT #9346 of 15368
I am a woman of various inclinations and only some of the time are they to burn everything down in frustration

lisah I think I skimmed past the cyst, sorry about that. Ouch! Glad it's improving

Sheryl - Sep 17, 2021 3:45:22 pm PDT #9347 of 15368
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Timelies all!

No real plans for the weekend. I need a break, but that isn't happening any time soon. In fact, next week Gary has his first business trip since the pandemic started. I am not looking forward to wrangling Mr. S solo for 4 days. Especially since I have been frustrated with him a lot.

Consuela - Sep 17, 2021 8:57:27 pm PDT #9348 of 15368
We are Buffistas. This isn't our first apocalypse. -- Pix

Good luck, Pix & ND! I went looking for cheap Covid tests online the other day, but there really aren't a lot that you can just take at home. I think that's going to be a thing: people really need it to be easy to test.

In other news, I'm spending the weekend at my sister's new cabin in teh mountains, and then I'm going to San Diego for the week to meet with a bunch of coworkers. Officially it's for training: unofficially (and more importantly) it's for seeing all the other environmental staff in the agency. It looks like a pretty nice hotel, with lots of outdoor space, but I'm a bit worried about the possibility for exposure.

One of the guys coming only three weeks ago announced he wasn't getting the "experimental" vaccine. But since then Biden has required all feds to get vaccinated. So I'm not sure what the deal is with that guy. I hope he doesn't come: he's also expressed support for the Jan 6 riot. D:

Laura - Sep 18, 2021 4:37:13 am PDT #9349 of 15368
"Against all evidence, I keep thinking the assholes are outliers." - James Holden

Today we send happy birthday wishes to ErikaJ! Not seen often enough around these parts, but hoping she feels our wishes for a wonderful year coming her way.

Ugh, Consuela. I hope dude decides he has better things to do. I wouldn't want to spend any time with him indoors or out. I encounter the crazies in my life in social situations, but fortunately, they seem to keep away from topics they know are unwelcome. I tend to initiate conversation with safe topics like their kids or the event itself. I have no obligation or interest in educating the idiots. They have access to the facts as much as anyone.

Great nephew's first soccer game of the season is this morning. He is 11 so no vaccines for their age group. 8 girls and 4 boys on this year's team. Last year it was about half kids interested in playing well and a half doing cartwheels on the field, or just not paying a lot of attention. A fun time had by all nonetheless.

sj - Sep 18, 2021 8:28:20 am PDT #9350 of 15368
"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."

Good luck, Pix and ND! I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.