You know, with the exception of one deadly and unpredictable midget, this girl is the smallest cargo I've ever had to transport. Yet by far the most troublesome. Does that seem right to you?

Early ,'Objects In Space'

Natter 77: I miss my friends. I miss my enemies. I miss the people I talked to every day.

Off-topic discussion. Wanna talk about corsets, duct tape, butt kicking, or physics? This is the place. Detailed discussion of any current-season TV must be whitefonted.

EpicTangent - Jan 14, 2022 8:54:29 am PST #12106 of 12166
Why isn't everyone pelting me with JOY, dammit? - Zenkitty

Oh, askye, I'm so sorry. Your family really deserves a break. May loving memories comfort those left behind.

sj, I wish you a very chill day.

Laura - Jan 14, 2022 10:18:31 am PST #12107 of 12166
I didn't know how to respond to the bat-shit crazy. And then I realized I didn't have to. -Victor Infante

I’m sorry, askye.

Super delighted and amused with my son’s reaction to wearing boots today. He’s messaged me a bunch of times saying he had no idea toes could be so happy. He’s invincible now. Life is at a new level of awesome. I can’t believe he went through all last winter getting soaked feet in basketball shoes. Maybe in this his 30th year he will get this adulting thing down. In the meantime he is making me grin with the messages.

sj - Jan 14, 2022 1:07:08 pm PST #12108 of 12166
"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."

I did not have a chill day, but I am planning on having a chill weekend because Mom and Stepdad just drove away with ltc for the weekend! Party time! And by party I mean binge watch TV, read the newspaper in silence, and sleep in.

{{{askye}}} I'm so sorry for all the health issues in your family and that you're still dealing with side effects from your injury. Lots of ~ma to you and yours.

JenP - Jan 14, 2022 2:57:23 pm PST #12109 of 12166

I'm so sorry, askye. It's so much. Sending you all much ~ma.

sj, woot! And that sounds like a heavenly weekend. Plus, a weekend at Camp Grandparents is awesome for ltc. Everybody wins!

meara, I hope it works wonders. It's weird how botox is so broadly helpful, considering its origins.

Laura, glad to see you, and your son's glee over boots is delightful.

shrift and Epic, feel better.

There was more, but my databanks are full.

I had a good day wherein I got to be a rockstar for a client at work. We did the thing, which was a heroic step-in to begin with, and then, just when it looked like we were going to get what we needed... a snafu!! Of no one's actual making except probably the computer system upon which I was applying for the thing, and THEN I snatched it from the jaws of defeat with perseverance and two calls to the North Carolina Department of Revenue, with which I am way more familiar than anyone should have to be from my job before last. I actually got to send an email that started with, "WAIT!" as they were gearing up to jump through fifty annoying hoops. It was kind of awesome.

My reward was a trip to the dentist for a temp crown. Yay? I love my dentist, though. She's the best.

And now, long weekend.

Sheryl - Jan 14, 2022 4:00:08 pm PST #12110 of 12166
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Timelies all!

I'm so sorry, askye.

Woke up at 4:45 this morning and did the wake up, go back to quasi-sleep, lather, rinse, repeat thing. Ugh. Problem is that all the suggestions I get are for things that help with falling asleep(i.e. melatonin), but not with staying asleep.

Jesse - Jan 14, 2022 4:24:42 pm PST #12111 of 12166
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.

There are extended-release things that might help -- I'd really suggest talking to your doctor.

I'm sorry, askye. You and your family have really been through it.

askye - Jan 14, 2022 4:54:32 pm PST #12112 of 12166
Thrive to spite them


And we are going to have an epic snowstorm. I'm really really really glad Mom is in Florida right now. We are forecast to get up to 7 inches of snow. and a lot of ice so I'm hoping our power holds out. I ordered groceries yesterday and tomorrow afternoon was the soonest I could get them delivered. I'm going to assume that is a combination of the upcoming storm and people going back to ordering more because of the covid surge. Or it's because I hadn't renewed my walmart plus subscription.

Laura - Jan 14, 2022 5:00:17 pm PST #12113 of 12166
I didn't know how to respond to the bat-shit crazy. And then I realized I didn't have to. -Victor Infante

Yo, JenP is a Big Damn Hero! Dentistry is a shallow reward.

Lounging in bed with the cats and dog alternating reading and tv while DH is at his games. Some napping happens too.

meara - Jan 14, 2022 5:02:39 pm PST #12114 of 12166

There’s a lot of empty shelves here for sure.

And yay being a work hero Jen!

I can’t decide what I want for dinner. Hmm. I kinda want fancy steak frites but the place that’s good has a dinner for two meal deal that is cheaper (and includes salad and bread and dessert!) per person than just their regular steak frites, so I’m annoyed.

Calli - Jan 14, 2022 6:37:18 pm PST #12115 of 12166
Why do trees keep happening? — Eukaryote Writes

I’m so sorry about the illness and loss in your family, askye.

We’re expecting to get mostly ice here on Sunday. Oh, and an hour or so of high winds after the ice has had a chance to accumulate. I’m assuming I’ll spend Sunday night in the dark, cuddling the cats. Eh, I have blankets. And my niece gave me these light bulbs that go into sockets like usual, but they charge while being on. Then, if the power goes out, they’ll supposedly keep working for hours.