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Spike's Bitches 49: As usual, I'm here to help you, and I... are you naked under there?

Spike-centric discussion. Lusty, lewd (only occasionally crude), risqué (and frisqué), bawdy (Oh, lawdy!), flirty ('cuz we're purty), raunchy talk inside. Caveat lector.

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erikaj - Jun 30, 2024 10:39:01 am PDT #8121 of 8121
I'm a fucking amazing catch!--Fiona Gallagher, Shameless(US)

It seems to be really love-it-or-hate it. My mother was kind of like "Lived the drunk-dad thing. Don't consider it entertainment." and I may not watch every episode because they are getting to that whole "Long-running drama: Let's throw things at the wall and see what sticks," kind of deal, but the acting is really great, and the writing has its moments. (Although it often comes back to repeated realizations that somebody in a really nice house usually doesn't have it more together than the Gallaghers do. That, more than copious nudity of every description is why I started it during lockdown and stuff.)

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