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Spike's Bitches 49: As usual, I'm here to help you, and I... are you naked under there?

Spike-centric discussion. Lusty, lewd (only occasionally crude), risqué (and frisqué), bawdy (Oh, lawdy!), flirty ('cuz we're purty), raunchy talk inside. Caveat lector.

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erikaj - May 19, 2023 1:35:47 pm PDT #7834 of 7840
This machine kills fascists

I know...what a drag, right? Might explain why they haven't got better ones.

Trudy Booth - May 30, 2023 7:24:02 pm PDT #7835 of 7840
Greece's financial crisis threatens to take down all of Western civilization - a civilization they themselves founded. A rather tragic irony - which is something they also invented. - Jon Stewart

This video made me think of y’all. [link]

Laura - May 31, 2023 5:17:56 am PDT #7836 of 7840
"Against all evidence, I keep thinking the assholes are outliers." - James Holden

Prior to pregnancy, I was more boy proportioned. Like 32-28-32. Never had a waist to speak of. Don't expect I ever will have those type of curves.

Toddson - May 31, 2023 11:16:16 am PDT #7837 of 7840
Always support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.

I'd seen that video (I enjoy her videos) and, while it's very probable most women didn't go in for the very tightest lacing (for most of us, breathing is NOT optional). Even the comparative loose lacing would make a good foundation to make clothing fit better and hang more attractively.

Cass - May 31, 2023 1:17:17 pm PDT #7838 of 7840
Bob's learned to live with tragedy, but he knows that this tragedy is one that won't ever leave him or get better.

Don't expect I ever will have those type of curves.

Neither did they!

I don't have waist that nips in either.

Knowing this was a valid body type would have been good growing up with a stepmom and stepsis with much more ideal body shapes. (Also I might have learned to dress for my shape and not just feel like the ugly fat kid.) I definitely got Dad's stoutness in the ribcage and you aren't gonna Jazzercize that away.

Laga - Jun 02, 2023 11:09:47 am PDT #7839 of 7840
You should know I'm a big deal in the Resistance.

I found out I had a lot of misconceptions about corsetry today! Sharing to Facebook.

erin_obscure - Jun 03, 2023 10:43:06 am PDT #7840 of 7840

Catching up and just read the foursome thread for the first time. That was a delightful read, thank you all for the memories. At first I was wondering if that fic ever got written, but then I realized that it would be weird and kinda squicky reading about omnis and shir (et al) and I’ll stick to fic involving fictional participants for my own mental health ;p

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