That's disturbing. You're emotionally scarred and will end up badly.

Anya ,'Bring On The Night'

Buffista Music 4: Needs More Cowbell!

There's a lady plays her fav'rite records/On the jukebox ev'ry day/All day long she plays the same old songs/And she believes the things that they say/She sings along with all the saddest songs/And she believes the stories are real/She lets the music dictate the way that she feels.

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Shir - Mar 20, 2023 7:04:29 am PDT #6427 of 6427
"And that's why God Almighty gave us fire insurance and the public defender".

Putting on a very escapist hat and unlurking in very, very, very long shot question: any chance someone here is planning to attend the Lost Weekend Records 20th anniversary show in Columbus, OH? Asking for a Scrawl fan. Who is me.

Edited: slightly embarrassing, but either due to COVID brain fog or all of the local political excitement around, I missed it by a month. But I found a video, so yay!

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