Zoe: Yeah? Thought you'd get land crazy that long in port. Wash: Probably, but I've been sane a long while now, and change is good.


Buffista Music 4: Needs More Cowbell!

There's a lady plays her fav'rite records/On the jukebox ev'ry day/All day long she plays the same old songs/And she believes the things that they say/She sings along with all the saddest songs/And she believes the stories are real/She lets the music dictate the way that she feels.

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juliana - Mar 02, 2022 1:22:10 pm PST #6417 of 6418
Tell me the ghost in the machine is real

The hovertext on that comic is so true...

Trudy Booth - May 25, 2022 9:27:51 am PDT #6418 of 6418
Greece's financial crisis threatens to take down all of Western civilization - a civilization they themselves founded. A rather tragic irony - which is something they also invented. - Jon Stewart

OK, so My Chem are successfully touring and did not re-break up over the shutdown.

The Ways appear sober, Frankie is indulging in dad jokes, and Toro looks more like a Rock God than ever.

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