Danger's my birthright.

Buffy ,'The Killer In Me'

When come back bring tape

It does happen to everyone. No, really. No need to be self-conscious.

Let us help you out. Missed an ep of something, Jossverse or otherwise? Ask here for help -- don't forget to include contact information, and come back and mention when you're no longer in need.

Natter will be summarily deleted.

Kathy A - Oct 02, 2002 3:17:07 pm PDT #40 of 1070
We're very stretchy. - Connie Neil

Erin, are you looking for last season's finale ep?

rtsuk - Oct 02, 2002 3:22:59 pm PDT #41 of 1070

Erin, if you can tell me how you get your TV signal (i.e. cable, antenna, something else) I can probably help you out.

Erin G. - Oct 02, 2002 3:59:33 pm PDT #42 of 1070
Average everyday sane/psycho supergoddess

Nope, premiere of this season, Kathy,

And I have cable. Free cable. Woo hoo.

§ ita § - Oct 02, 2002 4:04:30 pm PDT #43 of 1070
Well not canonically, no, but this is transformative fiction.

This season hasn't premiered yet, so you have time to learn.

rtsuk - Oct 02, 2002 4:25:44 pm PDT #44 of 1070

Erin, do you use a cable box? Or does the cable just go straight into your VCR?

Kathy A - Oct 02, 2002 4:37:56 pm PDT #45 of 1070
We're very stretchy. - Connie Neil

Also, Erin, if you just want to watch Alias and tape Angel at the same time, look at ABC Family--I think they're doing Alias reruns later in the week (they had a marathon this past weekend).

katefate - Oct 02, 2002 4:43:35 pm PDT #46 of 1070
Frail my heart apart and play me a little Shady Grove

Liese! The cable went out last night, so I don't have a tape for you! Nor have I seen last night's Buffy.

Can anybody help Liese and me?

victor infante - Oct 02, 2002 9:57:51 pm PDT #47 of 1070
To understand what happened at the diner, we shall use Mr. Papaya! This is upsetting because he's the friendliest of fruits.

Found someone who can lend me a tape of "Beneath You" on Tuesday, so I'm set. Thanks!

Cybervixen - Oct 03, 2002 2:36:17 pm PDT #48 of 1070
Queen of the Drive-By

I missed Friday night's second ep of Firefly, as I was too busy getting drunk and throwing up within sight of my blind date....


Someone? Anyone? I bake. Or if you'd prefer, topless photos. Ok, not really. But I make a mean Tollhouse cookie.

lori - Oct 03, 2002 4:23:06 pm PDT #49 of 1070

Hey CV, I can continue repaying my tape fairy karma debt and send you a nice dub of both Firefly eps, since you relayed that Angel tape to me lo these many months ago. And it will get me off my ass and finally return that Angel tape to Sumiko, where it rightly belongs! Such a slacker. Sorry Sumiko!

CV, e me your address at shiras@earthlink.net