We didn't have sex, if that's what you mean. That's all I do now, not have sex.

Anya ,'Dirty Girls'

If the Apocalypse Comes, Beep Me

Birth, death, illness, new job, vacation...if it's happening to you and you want us to know about it, post it here. These threads are intended for announcements only. Want to offer sympathy or congratulations, or talk about anything? Take it to Natter. Any natter here will be deleted.

DebetEsse - Sep 16, 2020 6:24:12 pm PDT #5536 of 5558
Woe to the fucking wicked.

Tomorrow is the 200th of March.

I made a FB event. There's a Zoom link inside. There are no activities planned at this time because it's been a very March sort of week. Attendees are a wide variety of people from various parts of my life.

t gestures vaguely Have a thing.

amyparker - Sep 26, 2020 9:58:04 am PDT #5537 of 5558
In the end it's only ever been one step, and then the next.

Jim has just learned that his older brother has died. If you could spare a kind thought for him, it would be welcome. Thanks.

Jessica - Oct 05, 2020 2:48:02 pm PDT #5538 of 5558
If I want to become a cloud of bats, does each bat need a separate vaccination?

It's Girl Scouts nuts + mags season. Here's a link to my daughter's site if you want some: [link]

SuziQ - Oct 07, 2020 7:58:32 am PDT #5539 of 5558
Back tattoos of the mother is that you are absolutely right - Ame

Howdy from an invisible buffista. I miss all of you and want to get back into the swing of things in Natter and elsewhere.

But this post isn't entirely about me. K-Bug is about to be a mama. She is being induced today and baby Odin should enter the world today/tomorrow. I can't go to the hospital due to Covid precautions, so I'm trying to work and squeeeeeeeee at the same time. Baby, baby, baby!!! I should be able to hold him sometime over the weekend.

EpicTangent - Oct 22, 2020 2:33:56 pm PDT #5540 of 5558
Why isn't everyone pelting me with JOY, dammit? - Zenkitty

My BFF's mom had a fall in a store parking lot last night and broke her hip. She's having surgery (RN actually), but with diabetes and heart issues, healing will not be quick or easy. And of course, no one has been able to be with her. So please send any spare ~ma to her, and her DH & family.

javachik - Nov 10, 2020 3:59:36 pm PST #5541 of 5558
not to be confused with java cat

Hi everyone,

I am sad to bear this news, but our Amyth will be entering hospice shortly. I spoke with her earlier today, and she wanted me to relay this news.

Unfortunately, the infection she has in both hips has become antibiotic resistant, and if they more aggressively pursue the infection, they are at risk of eroding Amy's existing health. But the infection also means they cannot proceed with a bone marrow transplant. At this point she will be entering palliative care during which she will live as pain free as possible, and enjoy some excursions while she still is ambulatory and has energy. Her timeline is weeks at this point, and she and her best friends Terry and Gabe will be making the most of this time, including a trip to the beach in the coming days.

She is likely not going to join this revamped board, and so wouldn't see your messages in the natter threads.

So here's the ask. She would love to receive letters, and is okay with me sharing her home address here: Amy Preble 110-A Estes Dr. Ext Carrboro NC 27510

She would also like to receive Facebook messages and texts: 919-360-1838

Please note, that if you text her, let her know who you are as she may not have your phone in her contacts.

She may not be able to respond to you, please don't take it personally! Her energy and focus will be waning and ebbing, but she would love to receive the messages even if she can't return the love.

Now, at some point, the messages might be overwhelming for her. I'll post again here if that's the case.

But until then, please feel free to shower her with love.

smonster - Nov 14, 2020 8:15:26 am PST #5542 of 5558
All that and Lynda Carter too. - WindSparrow

Hello, all. I know a lot of people would love to be able to do something concrete to support amyth and her caretakers at this time. I have touched base with T and he spoke with amyth and here’s what he said:

I spoke to Amy and one thing that is happening soon (Friday) is that she will be going on disability which will reduce her salary by 50%. But we don’t necessarily want her to have more cash for reasons having to do with estate planning. So gift cards would be a great way to support her. Ideas include a generic visa gift card, or gift cards to Amazon, DoorDash and/or GrubHub - any of which would be super helpful.

smonster again: discussion on the best way to do this will happen in Natter. If you’d rather just do your own thing, her address is above. Thanks, y’all!

ETA bullshit consensus is everyone do their own thing.

msbelle - Nov 14, 2020 6:25:21 pm PST #5543 of 5558
Now if your car ain't got it, go out and get it. We like the boom and don't you forget it. So turn down the treble and front your bass.

Oh god guys. DXM, Ed, passed away in June. I’ve been trying to reach him the last couple of days and since I hadn’t heard back which was unlike him if I texted, I googled. Jesus Christ. Fuck


DCJensen - Nov 14, 2020 9:04:18 pm PST #5544 of 5558
2020: We will speak of it no longer. Ptui!

DXMachina's Facebook tribute page. [link]

megan walker - Nov 15, 2020 2:47:42 pm PST #5545 of 5558
"What kind of magical sunshine and lollipop world do you live in? Because you need to be medicated."-SFist

Hi, everyone. I just got off a Zoom Celebration of Life for my former housemate Peter. He was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago and sadly lost his battle with it this past week. I wasn't planning to post about it here, but the many stories people told brought to mind so many of the great times I had with him in our West Portal house (aka my first place in San Francisco) and I realized that many of the local Buffistas, as well as people that came to visit SF during that time, had probably had the good fortune to meet Peter since he was always willing to have people to stay with us, or to host big gatherings, especially if games were involved. (In fact, I think some Buffistas may still be recovering from the trauma of having to play Cash n' Guns.) In any case, given other recent news, I thought I would share that he is no longer with us.