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Vortex - Aug 28, 2022 10:13:50 pm PDT #25470 of 25478
"Cry havoc and let slip the boobs of war!" -- Miracleman

But I thought both devices connect to the internet by wifi to your router. Do I have that wrong?

No that is correct. They also connect to the television via HDMI. It's possible that the devices are transmitting to the TV, but since the HDMI isn't working, I can't see it.

Vortex if your laptop is working, can you plug the HDMI from laptop directly into the HDMI input on TV and see if the TV will show what’s on your laptop? That will help you check a few things and narrow down the issue.

I don't have a spare HDMI cable. Ironically thought I wouldn't need it since I have the Chromecast. However, I did plug the chromecast into the bedroom tv, and the bedroom tv recognizes the chromecast and broadcasts to the bedroom tv. The bedroom tv is newer, so has netflix and such already installed so I don't need the chromecast/firestick for what I wanted to watch.

Admittedly, the living room TV is probably about 15 years old (I think I bought it when I moved into my condo in DC and I've been in CT for 10 years), so maybe it's just time for a new TV.

javachik - Sep 01, 2022 6:35:01 pm PDT #25471 of 25478
not to be confused with java cat

Probably so! They’ve come way down in price and I think you’ll be nicely surprised by how much you can get for a decent price.

dcp - Dec 23, 2022 7:36:53 am PST #25472 of 25478
Lo que será, será.

Well, pfui. WiFi from my router failed last night. Cable TV is still working. Internet by wired connection to the router is still working. It is just the WiFi that is down.

Hard re-start didn't help.

Support at Spectrum agreed to replace the router (it is more than five years old now). They asked if I wanted to pick one up "at my local Spectrum store" or have it delivered by mail. I chose to have it mailed to me. It is -3F outside this morning, and the roads are icy. I am not going out there if I can help it, at all.

So I am on my first backup -- using my phone as a WiFi hotspot. So far, so good. I am going to try streaming a show later this morning, I'm curious to see if the hotspot is up to it.

2nd backup would be using my old Win7 laptop -- it is the only machine I have which has an ethernet port I can connect to the router. I knew I kept that doorstop around for a reason. I really hope I don't have to use it for real, rather than as part of trouble-shooting.

Just got a confirmation email from Spectrum. It says "expect delivery on Dec. 24th." I'll believe it when I see it.

dcp - Dec 28, 2022 12:29:38 pm PST #25473 of 25478
Lo que será, será.

Well, now I am annoyed.

I just received two FedEx packages, both marked "Saturday Priority Overnight." So they are four days late.

They each contain the identical model cable modem.

Neither contains a router.

I do not need a new modem. I certainly don't need two new modems. I need a new router.

I just spoke to Spectrum support. They confirmed they do have routers available -- for an additional $5 per month.

If they had delivered the router I expected, I would have accepted the fee.

However, I am now annoyed enough that I think I am going to terminate the account entirely.


-t - Dec 28, 2022 12:49:15 pm PST #25474 of 25478
I am a woman of various inclinations and only some of the time are they to burn everything down in frustration

Oh, ugh, dcp, how aggravating! I hope you have a good alternative you can switch to.

Cass - Dec 28, 2022 2:22:19 pm PST #25475 of 25478
Bob's learned to live with tragedy, but he knows that this tragedy is one that won't ever leave him or get better.

However, I am now annoyed enough that I think I am going to terminate the account entirely.

The only way Spectrum and I can coexist is because I have them on autopay and they keep my internet going smoothly. We. Never. Talk. Next time we need to actually speak, I am punting them.

That said, if you can easily return the modems and get the router you expected, see if you are still angry tomorrow? I've let a few things with them go because while they felt like the last straw attempting to break my camel back, they are the best service out here.

aurelia - Dec 28, 2022 6:25:38 pm PST #25476 of 25478
All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story. Tell me a story.

dcp, if you charge them $2.50 a month storage fee for each of the modems they sent that should balance out nicely.

dcp - Dec 28, 2022 6:31:08 pm PST #25477 of 25478
Lo que será, será.


Well, I haven't done anything rash yet.

I did take my old modem and the extra new modem to the local Spectrum store to drop them off (otherwise monthly rental charges for them would still get included in my bill). The clerk had two immediate reactions. 1) "Why did they send you two?” 2) "Why did they send you such an old model?"

I didn't say anything, just took my receipt and left.

dcp - Dec 31, 2022 12:57:36 pm PST #25478 of 25478
Lo que será, será.

I have cut the cord.

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