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Goodbye and Good Riddance 2005: the Year of the Penguin  

Every year we watch the Charlie Brown special, do the Snoopy dance, wish everybody a Merry Christmukkah, and thank our Secret Santas in the good riddance thread. Which is this one, in case you were wondering. Oh, and 2005? Don't think we've forgotten about you.

SuziQ - Dec 09, 2005 7:29:20 am PST #7 of 506
Back tattoos of the mother is that you are absolutely right - Ame

Usually I try to find the good in each year rather than concentrate on the bad.

This year.

Not so much.

May 2006 remind me that there are good things in the world and a couple of them can happen to me.

Strix - Dec 09, 2005 7:49:44 am PST #8 of 506
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I am happy with this year. I have a new job which I like, am making real money, and am not crushingly depressed more than once a month.

I got a new kitty, who fights with my other cat and cuddles with her and me, and makes me laugh muchly.

My family is healthy and ok.

I have gotten laid more this year than any other year of my life.

I bought two new pairs of shoes this fall. For the first time in three years.

And next year, thank GOD, there are no wedding scheduled. Unlike the 4 I had this year.

erikaj - Dec 09, 2005 8:07:15 am PST #9 of 506
If Scooby Doo taught me anything, it's that the only thing to fear is real-estate developers.Lisa Simpson

Ok, so you guys likely know I didn't do Secret Santa this year...well, times are tight, and I seem to lack that fab instinct that y'all seem to have for putting the right stuff in the box, instead of the instinct that says "huh. huh. She said "box." So this year I decided to acknowledge ALL my online bunkies with a contribution here; [link] They are dedicated to keeping my fake hometown pretty, and you guys have been very warm and understanding about that particular obsession so it seemed appropriate. Click on the link about Ella Thompson if you want to know what inspired my interest in this *particular* project. Happy holidays!

Katie M - Dec 09, 2005 11:53:43 am PST #10 of 506
I was charmed (albeit somewhat perplexed) by the fannish sensibility of many of the music choices -- it's like the director was trying to vid Canada. --loligo on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Hey, I worked for an affiliated program of theirs, Erika--URI works both in Baltimore and in New Haven, so I was involved when I was at Yale. I can't speak specifically for the folks in Baltimore, but the New Haven program was great, and I took a really interesting course from the guy who started URI.

So, thanks. Good memories.

sumi - Dec 09, 2005 12:02:56 pm PST #11 of 506
Art Crawl!!!

Erika! That's a lovely gift.

erikaj - Dec 09, 2005 12:09:29 pm PST #12 of 506
If Scooby Doo taught me anything, it's that the only thing to fear is real-estate developers.Lisa Simpson

That's great to hear! You know, I was going to...I don't know, bake or something this season because I had so much generosity to reciprocate this year, but there has been so much that I was afraid I'd leave somebody out or send someone allergic something allergy making...and we are not strong in baking mojo either, even though I know everyone who would've gotten squashed sugar cookies with gloppy icing on them would have been totally gracious about it. It's how we are. But I didn't feel right about it, and there aren't red-and-green "Thanks for Talking Me Off The Ledge" cards(At least till I have my media empire.) So I thought something lasting would be good.

sj - Dec 09, 2005 12:40:09 pm PST #13 of 506
"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."

erika, What a wonderful thing for you to do.

Anne W. - Dec 09, 2005 1:00:36 pm PST #14 of 506
The lost sheep grow teeth, forsake their lambs, and lie with the lions.

That is so wonderful, erika. Great idea!

This year was fairly eventful for me, what with moving cross-country to be near family. I had to sell a house, buy a house, and find a job. I also decided that I would try to lose the extra weight I've been packing (30 pounds gone, many more to go). My creative and social life has been next to nil, what with all the brain-draining that the aforementioned activities have involved. On the whole, though, I'm quite happy. I'm now in a temp-to-perm job in a field I really want to be in, and after six months, I'm starting to feel like things are settling down a bit.

Gus - Dec 09, 2005 7:18:50 pm PST #15 of 506
Bag the crypto. Say what is on your mind.

Two-Thousand-Five, the Year of the Chair.

In 2004 I was a cane sort of dude. Almost spiffy, a cane. It is great for making broad, sweeping gestures. If you absolutely must gesticulate, get yourself a cane.

In the latter half of '05 I had to hang up the cane and go full-time chair. The chair has made me into a pissy bitch in 2005.

In 2006 I am going to get past all that. No, really.

Gus: serenity on wheels.

Consuela - Dec 09, 2005 8:56:18 pm PST #16 of 506
We are Buffistas. This isn't our first apocalypse. -- Pix

Gus, I didn't realize that. I am a pissy bitch on your behalf.

I hope 2006 plays out better than 2005, and that I'm able to come to some actual decisions. What 2005 has done is make me really frelling tired.

On the other hand, I now know I can write a novel-length piece of fiction in less than a year. Good to know.

Still, tired.