You guys had a riot? On account of me? A real riot?

Jayne ,'Jaynestown'

Goodbye and Good Riddance 2005: the Year of the Penguin  

Every year we watch the Charlie Brown special, do the Snoopy dance, wish everybody a Merry Christmukkah, and thank our Secret Santas in the good riddance thread. Which is this one, in case you were wondering. Oh, and 2005? Don't think we've forgotten about you.

sumi - Dec 10, 2005 8:13:30 am PST #25 of 506
Art Crawl!!!

Ooh, the prospect of possibly reading a Fay written novel makes the future seem very inviting indeed.

NoiseDesign - Dec 10, 2005 9:35:16 am PST #26 of 506
Our wings are not tired

Kristin is here. Need I say more?

Laura - Dec 10, 2005 9:51:24 am PST #27 of 506
Our wings are not tired.

ND is gonna make the WBB list.

Kate P. - Dec 10, 2005 12:40:41 pm PST #28 of 506
That's the pain / That cuts a straight line down through the heart / We call it love

erika, thank you for your gift. It made me grin. Fay, congratulations on your new singing career! I'm so glad you're having fun with it.

This was an important year for me. I finally made the decision to go back to school and get my degree in library science. (My final exam for Reference was this morning, and may I just say, I totally kicked ass!) It's incredible to me that at the end of this program, I will actually be employable in a field that I enjoy. And although it's been a slog this semester, working full time (and commuting two hours a day) and also taking a class with about 15-20 hours of homework per week, I'm totally engaged with and excited about my class and my program. So that's awesome.

I spent a lot of time with my family this year, including at my grandfather's funeral, and I realized anew how staggeringly lucky I am to be a part of this family that I love so damn much. I also got to see my grandfather and say goodbye to him less than a week before he passed away. I miss him more than I can express.

I remain, it seems, hopelessly single, which is disappointing; a brief and somewhat awkward fling and a new unrequited crush were the sum total of my romantic encounters this year, not to mention the several weddings I went to (including one ex-boyfriend's) either solo or with my parents. I try not to dwell too much on it, but sometimes it really gets me down.

But on the whole, this was a year of taking stock and moving forward in a new direction, and I am really pleased with where I am now.

I wish you all light in the darkness, and bright joy in the new year.

Amy - Dec 10, 2005 1:08:20 pm PST #29 of 506
Because books.

erika, I just read the story about Ella Thompson and her daughter. Your gift absolutely rocks.

erikaj - Dec 10, 2005 1:20:51 pm PST #30 of 506
If Scooby Doo taught me anything, it's that the only thing to fear is real-estate developers.Lisa Simpson

Isn't that an amazing story? They caught that guy too...he's doing life, and it really couldn't happen to a "nicer" guy. Eugene Dale is one of the reasons they thought up prisons.(I've turned this thread into a Simon story...darkening up all the cheer and stuff, but making sure you know I don't think I think we're doomed.) "Miss Ella" died too young, damn it.

Pix - Dec 10, 2005 4:11:45 pm PST #31 of 506
We're all getting played with, babe. -Weird Barbie

ND just made me cry in a very good way.

And yes, despite everything about this year that was difficult and challenging and scary and stressful in so many ways...I'm here. And in love.

2005. Glad to see it go, but so excited for 2006.

Gus - Dec 10, 2005 7:01:59 pm PST #32 of 506
Bag the crypto. Say what is on your mind.

Like my chair does not have FTL.

As if.

SailAweigh - Dec 10, 2005 7:34:00 pm PST #33 of 506
Nana korobi, ya oki. (Fall down seven times, stand up eight.) ~Yuzuru Hanyu/Japanese proverb

erika, your gift rocks.

I've also started an original novel, but it's stalled a bit - need to get cracking with that.

Taps foot, looks at wrist (despite the lack of watchpiece to reside thereon.)

We're agreed on that, Fay! And go, you! Eighteen pounds is great. I need to hie me back to the gym, too.

My year? Ummm, I think I can safely say it was a good year. While it's had it's not so wonderful moments, there wasn't anything that couldn't be dealt with and/or overcome in one way or another, especially with the help of my blinvisible friends here. It is ending on a high note, with a promotion at work, which included a little extra money and kudos from my boss for the way I'm settling into it. Next year will be equally challenging when he goes back to active duty and I take on the entire responsibility of the department. I'm looking forward to it!

I hope everyone else has better prospects coming their way or at least a light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, joy and peace to you all in 2006!

Liese S. - Dec 15, 2005 5:32:22 am PST #34 of 506
"Faded like the lilac, he thought."

I love this thread for hearing about how everyone is doing. Sometimes I get behind on the boards, and it's nice to be able to catch up with everyone.

Meanwhile this, for me, is not a year end post yet. It's just to comment that I'm highly amused by the thread title, because this year I bought my sister's family all penguin-themed items. The March of the Penguins dvd, a penguin finger puppet board book for the boy, a cute stuffed penguin for the girl. I think it's cute, but they may be slightly bemused. Still, since they live in Africa, I thought it would be fun for them to have cold weather toys to take back with them, kind of to celebrate their winter in the states. Although they're actually celebrating the holiday itself in Hawaii, so maybe the point is lost. But still, penguins!