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Topic!Cindy - Sep 01, 2005 6:40:09 am PDT #9970 of 10001
What is even happening?

Noggin shows reruns of many Daria episodes. I think they aim more at the junior high and early high school ages.

Is that at night? Because in the day, Noggin is all pre-school age stuff. But they do a sign-off (aimed at the kids) at--I think--6:00pm.

Deena - Sep 01, 2005 6:44:11 am PDT #9971 of 10001
How are you me? You need to stop that. Only I can be me. ~Kara

Fred, Noggin changes its programming at 6pm, and becomes "The N" for the junior high crowd. Before that it's "like preschool on TV!"

Can we all tell I've seen too much Noggin? Uh huh. Aidan's become fascinated with the Backyardigans. They're now his all time favorite show.

heh. SAHM x-post.

Topic!Cindy - Sep 01, 2005 6:45:43 am PDT #9972 of 10001
What is even happening?

We've used our noggins today!

beth b - Sep 01, 2005 6:55:09 am PDT #9973 of 10001
oh joy! Oh Rapture ! I have a brain!

My TIVO kept trying to record stuff on Noggin for me. - because I record Daria and other cartoon shows. I think I finally have it convinced that I am at least in upper elementry school now.

Nora Deirdre - Sep 01, 2005 6:57:23 am PDT #9974 of 10001
I’m responsible for my own happiness? I can’t even be responsible for my own breakfast! (Bojack Horseman)

aw, beth, you're missing out on all the fun!

Laura - Sep 01, 2005 6:58:23 am PDT #9975 of 10001
"Against all evidence, I keep thinking the assholes are outliers." - James Holden

Ah, I looked at the schedule and the after 6PM stuff is called The N on TV instead of Noggin. The boys watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air sometimes. They apparently run My So Called Life too, but at 5AM.

sj - Sep 01, 2005 7:18:29 am PDT #9976 of 10001
"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."

Only twenty-five posts left in this thread. Lets finish this thing off.

Procrastinating? Who me?

Anne W. - Sep 01, 2005 7:26:17 am PDT #9977 of 10001
The lost sheep grow teeth, forsake their lambs, and lie with the lions.

I, too, am procrastinating, and should not be (job hunt stuff). I had a productive few days (Friday, Saturday, Monday, w/ Sunday off) followed by a slack-o-rama day yesterday (not entirely true--I did get things done, accordign to my to-do list) and a truly slack-o-rama day today.

Motivation-ma, please.

erikaj - Sep 01, 2005 7:28:51 am PDT #9978 of 10001
This machine kills fascists

Maybe later, huh? I explained Bayliss-oost to somebody yesterday. Maybe the shallowest H:LOTS conversion in Simonverse history. My missionary genes work in mysterious ways.

Nora Deirdre - Sep 01, 2005 7:29:50 am PDT #9979 of 10001
I’m responsible for my own happiness? I can’t even be responsible for my own breakfast! (Bojack Horseman)

I am so cranky. God. I paw at the keyboard ineffectively and blah.