Xander: Look who's got a bad case of Dark Prince envy. Dracula: Leave us. Xander: No, we're not going to "Leabbb you." And where'd you get that accent, Sesame Street? "One, Two, Three - three victims! Maw ha ha!"


Atlantic Canadian Monday Madness  

[NAFDA] We used to get Buffy the day before everyone else, now we get Angel a week after everyone else. And Firefly every Monday!

Sue - Jan 18, 2005 8:27:39 am PST #6778 of 6793
hip deep in pie

And we miss you!

Although I am playing hooky today and it's all your fault!

Megan E. - Jan 19, 2005 2:22:04 am PST #6779 of 6793

so, we're getting more snow tomorrow? Maybe I should take up snowboarding.

Topic!Cindy - Jan 23, 2005 7:04:04 am PST #6780 of 6793
What is even happening?

Dear Canadians,

The next time you decide to pay back the Americans for our politics, perhaps you could show some mercy to one of the bluest states there has ever been. We're just sayin'...


Megan E. - Jan 24, 2005 1:33:35 am PST #6781 of 6793

We're not paying you back, we're just trying to make you feel like one of us!

signed, suriving the 3rd storm in 6 days.

Ouise - Jan 24, 2005 2:25:38 am PST #6782 of 6793
Socks are a running theme throughout the series. They are used as symbols of freedom, redemption and love.

Okay, that's it! NO MORE SNOW. I won't have it! Hear that, weather systems? Skip us from now on, or suffer the consequences.

Hey, can anybody think of anything to threaten weather systems with? I had to go with a vague threat, because I couldn't think of anything specific.

JohnSweden - Jan 24, 2005 5:45:26 am PST #6783 of 6793
I can't even.

Apparently Cindy wants to steal the Horrible Weather Machine (HWM) from us and install it permanently over Boston like this weekend. Okay, I guess ...

Megan E. - Jan 24, 2005 10:11:53 am PST #6784 of 6793

*walks away from HWM leaving keys in ignition and motor running*

Megan E. - Jan 26, 2005 8:24:06 am PST #6785 of 6793

today we had our big launch for the project I've been working on for 6 months. I may be on the news tonight - not speaking, just standing around. I'm tired...

Sue - Jan 26, 2005 8:28:17 am PST #6786 of 6793
hip deep in pie

Man, I will not be home for the news tonight!

Now, go take those eleventy weeks of vacation you have to use up!

Megan E. - Jan 26, 2005 9:29:48 am PST #6787 of 6793

I have 2 weeks outstanding that I have to take before March 31st. I don't know who to ask to take that time! Maybe I should ask the new Minister or the DM.