Jayne: There's times I think you don't take me seriously. I think that ought to change. Mal: Do you think it's likely to?

'Our Mrs. Reynolds'

Atlantic Canadian Monday Madness  

[NAFDA] We used to get Buffy the day before everyone else, now we get Angel a week after everyone else. And Firefly every Monday!

Ouise - Sep 20, 2002 8:40:50 am PDT #31 of 6793
Socks are a running theme throughout the series. They are used as symbols of freedom, redemption and love.

Oh, sucky. I think in that case that the entire weekend should count as your birthday, leaving lots of room for fun.

Dani - Sep 20, 2002 9:36:57 am PDT #32 of 6793
I believe vampires are the world's greatest golfers

Happy birthday Sue!!

(I'm just barging in here since I know I'll never get caught up in Natter)

Sue - Sep 20, 2002 9:49:35 am PDT #33 of 6793
hip deep in pie

Thanks Dani!

Megan E. - Sep 20, 2002 10:47:37 am PDT #34 of 6793

Dani, feel free to barge in anytime!

Elena - Sep 21, 2002 6:34:15 am PDT #35 of 6793
Thanks for all the fish.

Sue! I wasn't much on line yesterday and I missed your birthday!!!



Whew, glad I got that out.

Megan E. - Sep 22, 2002 5:56:46 pm PDT #36 of 6793

One more day!!! I have to remember to by video tapes tomorrow.

WHoo hoo!!!

candyb - Sep 22, 2002 5:59:41 pm PDT #37 of 6793

Whoo hoo!!

Wait. I have two more days.

But can I join the excitement train?!?!?!

Megan E. - Sep 22, 2002 6:00:45 pm PDT #38 of 6793

But can I join the excitement train?!?!?!

SURE! t bounce t bounce t bounce!

Elena - Sep 23, 2002 4:20:32 am PDT #39 of 6793
Thanks for all the fish.

12 hours 45 minutes!!!

Can I get a WOO?

candyb - Sep 23, 2002 4:28:29 am PDT #40 of 6793

Not Candian but, for you: Woo!