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Voting Discussion: We're Screwing In Light Bulbs AIFG!  

We open it up, we talks the talk, we votes, we shuts it down. This thread is to free up Bureaucracy for daily details as we hammer out the Big Issues towards a vote. Open only when a proposal has been made and seconded according to Buffista policy (Which we voted on!). If this thread is closed, hie thee to Bureaucracy instead!

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Anne W. - Jul 15, 2007 2:02:24 am PDT #1 of 10289
The lost sheep grow teeth, forsake their lambs, and lie with the lions.

There is part of me that likes the idea of an "all SPN, all the time" thread, because I think it would be easier to get into long, in-depth discussions about the show's mythology, characterization, etc.

On the other hand, I would not have started watching SPN if I had not been intrigued by the discussion I saw in-thread and decided to give it a try. Similarly, I would not have started watching Eureka, or BSG, and I wouldn't have known to check out Dresden Files when it started.

Fay - Mar 20, 2003 4:46:02 pm PST #2 of 10289
"Fuck Western ideologically-motivated gender identification!" Sulu gasped, and came.


Sorry! I couldn't help myself - it was an instinctive act of sluttage. I have nothing to say about the voting, I was just being opportunistic. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

No, sod it. I'm The First. I'm Evil. Deal with it.


t / Devilish!Fay

Betsy HP - Mar 20, 2003 4:47:41 pm PST #3 of 10289
If I only had a brain...

The subject under discussion is whether there should be a new vote on creating a war thread.

The discussion started in Bureaucracy here:

Wolfram "Bureaucracy 1: Like Kafka, Only Funnier" Mar 20, 2003 5:13:11 pm EST

bitterchick - Mar 20, 2003 4:53:07 pm PST #4 of 10289

Um. Who were the four people seconded this motion? I only saw two.

Betsy HP - Mar 20, 2003 4:53:53 pm PST #5 of 10289
If I only had a brain...

Allyson - Mar 20, 2003 4:54:09 pm PST #6 of 10289
Wait, is this real-world child support, where the money goes to buy food for the kids, or MRA fantasyland child support where the women just buy Ferraris and cocaine? -Jessica

I know this was something of a ramble but I'm getting the feeling that a small percentage of posters is getting the power to cut off a discussion because they are active posters.

I put forth the motion that only folks who made it over from Worldcrossing can make any decisions, vote on any topics, and swear, whenever the fuck they want.

Who shall second me?

Wolfram - Mar 20, 2003 4:54:13 pm PST #7 of 10289

There weren't yet. I don't think a discussion should be had in here until a motion has had four seconds, and only prior to a vote on the issue.

Betsy HP - Mar 20, 2003 4:54:22 pm PST #8 of 10289
If I only had a brain...

Deena - Mar 20, 2003 4:55:19 pm PST #9 of 10289
How are you me? You need to stop that. Only I can be me. ~Kara

closed yes, for an as yet unspecified amount of time, but 6 months is the number that has been mentioned the most and was what I thought we were going to do before the voting method started. Also mentioned at the time and since then were 3 months and 1 year.

bitterchick - Mar 20, 2003 4:55:52 pm PST #10 of 10289

Okay I can't do this in two threads at once. I'm going back to Bureaucracy.

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