It's my estimation that... every man ever got a statue made of him, was one kind of sumbitch or another.

Mal ,'Jaynestown'

Natter 77: I miss my friends. I miss my enemies. I miss the people I talked to every day.

Off-topic discussion. Wanna talk about corsets, duct tape, butt kicking, or physics? This is the place. Detailed discussion of any current-season TV must be whitefonted.

Theodosia - Sep 15, 2021 4:11:54 am PDT #9256 of 9370
'we all walk this earth feeling we are frauds. The trick is to be grateful and hope the caper doesn't end any time soon"

I'm glad you're taking steps, meara!

Laura - Sep 15, 2021 4:46:08 am PDT #9257 of 9370
I didn't know how to respond to the bat-shit crazy. And then I realized I didn't have to. -Victor Infante

First, Happy Birthday to Nora! I was greeted with a memory on FB this morning of the NOLA party 8 years ago. That was indeed a good time. I hope the day is grand and that the year to come is joyful.

What a mess, meara. I hope it gets all settled very quickly.

I have an iPhone, which does updates automatically. I checked but it said nothing available so hopefully okay. I did yesterday get a random linky sent via FB messenger. I know the person would not be sending me links and deleted it followed by letting her know. Sheesh.

Guess I should spend some time doing password changes and stuff. I'll go through the lists of compromised passwords per browser warnings, but half the time the websites don't even exist anymore for me to change them.

Jesse - Sep 15, 2021 6:51:20 am PDT #9258 of 9370
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.

Froze my credit today too, which is annoying when I want to buy a car soon but better safe than sorry.

In my (now possibly out of date) experience, it just means they call when someone wants to anything. So like, I was opening a store credit card and while I stood there, the credit report company called me to let me know that was happening, I okayed it, and got the credit card. So no big whoop on my end.

Trudy Booth - Sep 15, 2021 7:26:15 am PDT #9259 of 9370
Greece's financial crisis threatens to take down all of Western civilization - a civilization they themselves founded. A rather tragic irony - which is something they also invented. - Jon Stewart

Trudy, any specific type of rawmilk cheese? Like a soft cheese or a harder cheese?
My shop's raw milk cheeses are medium to hard - I don't think I saw any soft ones.

sj - Sep 15, 2021 7:33:43 am PDT #9260 of 9370
"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."

I'm pretty sure I have seen raw milk brie at either Trader Joe's or Whole Paycheck, and all I need is a good excuse to buy them...

dcp - Sep 15, 2021 7:53:00 am PDT #9261 of 9370
Empathy for Charlie and Algernon.

Goin' green: [link]

-t - Sep 15, 2021 8:35:37 am PDT #9262 of 9370
Why abandon a well tried system just because it doesn’t work?

Cannot brain today. Trying to work anyway because capitalism, I guess. Bah.

Steph L. - Sep 15, 2021 8:41:37 am PDT #9263 of 9370
Without a plan, it turns out, a lot of decisions are really hard. Eliot might actually hate his shrink. Yes, Eliot is getting healthier or whatever, but at what cost? He used to be a mess of scar tissue and substance abuse, but he could get dressed in the morning without an existential crisis.

Cannot brain today.

Same. (Kind of migrainey today.)

Trying to work anyway because capitalism, I guess.




sj - Sep 15, 2021 8:51:15 am PDT #9264 of 9370
"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."

I just sent emails to ltc's school library about volunteering there, an email to the library bookstore to see about resuming my volunteer work there, and an email about signing ltc up for swim lessons at her old school so she can continue to be comfortable with the water. So, a somewhat productive morning. I have to do some errands later today, but TCG is coming home for lunch so I'll do them after that.

-t - Sep 15, 2021 8:54:26 am PDT #9265 of 9370
Why abandon a well tried system just because it doesn’t work?

Fistbump of solidarity in the face of blergh, Tep. I realized after I posted that probably I used up all my Behave Like a Human energy yesterday at the in person Sales Meeting with waaaaaay more people than I am used to seeing at one time yesterday. I even said to a co-worker that I'd need to come home and hide under the bed afterwards, which I pretty much did, but I need more recovery time, apparently. All masked and socially distanced and everyone was required to be vaccinated to attend, I do not feel worried about contagion, just that was a lot of people