Simon: I swear when it's appropriate. Kaylee: Simon, the whole point of swearing is that it ain't appropriate.


Natter 77: I miss my friends. I miss my enemies. I miss the people I talked to every day.

Off-topic discussion. Wanna talk about corsets, duct tape, butt kicking, or physics? This is the place. Detailed discussion of any current-season TV must be whitefonted.

Steph L. - Apr 08, 2021 9:49:09 am PDT #5353 of 5759
It's actually been a really hard year, when you stop and do the math. Eliot would cry, too, if it didn't take him seventy minutes of therapy, two cocktails, and a Sondheim medley before he can experience a human emotion through the haze of his PTSD.

There ought to be a word for having those feelings together, Tep

Exciterror? Terrorcitement?

Dana - Apr 08, 2021 10:12:38 am PDT #5354 of 5759
If dreams were thunder // And lightning was desire // This old house would've burned down // A long time ago -- John Prine

Yeah, I did a deep dive into variants and efficacy and blah blah blah to figure out if we can safely go back to a place with a buffet.

Official answer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Topic!Cindy - Apr 08, 2021 10:26:19 am PDT #5355 of 5759
What is even happening?

Happy fully vaccinated day to you and the Mister, Dana!

When I let myself think about it, I would get a wiggins from buffets/salad bars/etc. before Covid. I think Jesus himself would have to be the caterer, before I considered another one.

I've heard/seen things that imply we'd need booster vaccines after six months. That seems to be less than accurate - seemingly, the Pfizer vaccine maintains 90+ percent active after six months ... it may be that it's too early to tell if it'll remain so longer.

I think we will probably need boosters by then, because of variants of concern. I've been reading not-great stuff about the mRNA vaccines' ability to neutralize a couple of the variants (Brazilian and South African I think).

brenda, if you pop in, I hope shot 2 goes well for you.

Today's 2nd Moderna shot day for me, too. I've got to get ready to leave, because my vaccine site is only 15 miles away, but last time, it took me over an hour to get there.

Wish me monsters.*

* Immunity, with relatively few side effects (like just enough for me to have some confidence).

Laura - Apr 08, 2021 10:43:18 am PDT #5356 of 5759
I didn't know how to respond to the bat-shit crazy. And then I realized I didn't have to. -Victor Infante

Happy fully vaccinated day to you and the Mister, Dana!

It is a most glorious thing! Yeah, I'd skip the buffet celebration though.

And I wish you monsters, Cindy!

Hmm, I've managed to forget what I had to say. Oh well.

-t - Apr 08, 2021 10:53:08 am PDT #5357 of 5759
‘if you had committed a murder and were trying to get away with it, you wouldn’t let a trifle like a second breakfast stand in your way.’ - The Five Red Herrings

Terrorcitement sounds about right

brenda m - Apr 08, 2021 11:18:49 am PDT #5358 of 5759
If you're going through hell/keep on going/don't slow down/keep your fear from showing/you might be gone/'fore the devil even knows you're there

Stabbinated! I felt a little light headed at first but so far ... uh, 40 minutes good.

Laura - Apr 08, 2021 11:34:10 am PDT #5359 of 5759
I didn't know how to respond to the bat-shit crazy. And then I realized I didn't have to. -Victor Infante

Woo! Yay stabbination!

DavidS - Apr 08, 2021 11:45:11 am PDT #5360 of 5759
"Look, son, if it's good enough for Shirley Bassey, it's good enough for you."

Well stabbed, brenda! Don't pass out in a plate of linguini.

msbelle - Apr 08, 2021 11:53:05 am PDT #5361 of 5759
Now if your car ain't got it, go out and get it. We like the boom and don't you forget it. So turn down the treble and front your bass.

I just booked my first massage since 1/2020. I am SOOOOOOO excited. It will be 2+ weeks after my second shot.

Matt the Bruins fan - Apr 08, 2021 12:19:03 pm PDT #5362 of 5759
everyone's anti-godzilla until there's a 200,000 ton boat that can't be moved

Got my second dose as well this afternoon, so we'll see how side effects go.