This isn't a come-on. I'm in a very serious relationship with a landscape architect.

Oliver ,'Conviction (1)'

Goodbye and Good Riddance 2017: That'll put marzipan in your pie plate, Bingo!  

Every year we watch the Charlie Brown special, do the Snoopy dance, wish everybody a Merry Thanksgivukkahmas, and thank our Secret Santas in the good riddance thread. Which is this one, in case you were wondering.

Go away, 2017. You have a lot to turn around, 2018. Bring it on.

Jesse - Dec 04, 2017 5:47:05 am PST #22 of 162
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.

Oh Fred, I'm sorry things have been so hard for you, and hope they continue to get better.

Calli - Dec 04, 2017 9:16:59 am PST #23 of 162
Why do trees keep happening? — Eukaryote Writes

What a rough year, Fred. I'm glad you're finding ways through and some useful things enroute.

Vortex - Dec 06, 2017 3:48:23 pm PST #24 of 162
"Cry havoc and let slip the boobs of war!" -- Miracleman

Fred, sorry that things got so bad, happy to hear that you are doing better. We will be counting down with you!!

Connie Neil - Dec 09, 2017 1:14:47 pm PST #25 of 162

My Seekrit Santa is sent!

Strix - Dec 12, 2017 10:34:06 am PST #26 of 162
A dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman but loose enough to flee from zombies. — Ginger

And I just got it, Connie!

You got me a wee Japanese hedgie! With a tomato!

Also, a big ol' candle that is the perfect combo of woodsy & fresh.

Thank you, Connie!!

Connie Neil - Dec 12, 2017 10:40:00 am PST #27 of 162

I got one of those candles for myself.

Strix - Dec 12, 2017 12:59:16 pm PST #28 of 162
A dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman but loose enough to flee from zombies. — Ginger

It smells really good.

quester - Dec 16, 2017 6:41:19 am PST #29 of 162
Danger is my middle name, only I spell it R. u. t. h. - Tina Belcher.

About to brave the family Christmas party. Wish me monsters!

Laura - Dec 16, 2017 8:21:32 am PST #30 of 162
Our wings are not tired.

Many monsters, quester!

I have a spectacularly fragrant box here from Anne, but I am being a good girl and trying to keep from opening the pretty wrapping paper until Christmas. Because I like to taunt myself!

I have not done my Santa thingy yet because life has been hectic, but I expect that the coming week will be calmer.

SuziQ - Dec 16, 2017 12:17:56 pm PST #31 of 162
Back tattoos of the mother is that you are absolutely right - Ame

I'm going to be later than usual with my gifts - I still need to bake and I have a bunch of school work to do before I can take the time to bake. But I love hearing about others getting their gifties!