Saffron: You won't tell anyone about me breaking down? Mal: I won't. Saffron: Then I won't tell anyone how easily I got your gun out of your holster. Mal: I'll take that as a kindness.


Spike's Bitches 49: As usual, I'm here to help you, and I... are you naked under there?

Spike-centric discussion. Lusty, lewd (only occasionally crude), risqué (and frisqué), bawdy (Oh, lawdy!), flirty ('cuz we're purty), raunchy talk inside. Caveat lector.

Steph L. - Oct 07, 2021 9:05:41 am PDT #7671 of 7718
Without a plan, it turns out, a lot of decisions are really hard. Eliot might actually hate his shrink. Yes, Eliot is getting healthier or whatever, but at what cost? He used to be a mess of scar tissue and substance abuse, but he could get dressed in the morning without an existential crisis.

I hesitate to guess what Murderbiscuit might do.

Tim does about 30 minutes of PT exercises a night these days (adult-onset scoliosis caused by bone degeneration is no picnic), all of which he does while lying on the floor, and Murderbiscuit just gazes disdainfully at him from his perch on the arm of the chair.

So I feel like I'd be safe if I did yoga, but it's entirely possible that Murderbiscuit allows Tim to do his PT exercises in peace because Tim is The Most Favored Human, but if I tried yoga, he'd unleash Murderbiscuit-y wrath.

askye - Oct 11, 2021 10:30:56 am PDT #7672 of 7718
Thrive to spite them

I need to vent about work. I would talk to M about this but he gets like outraged at the wrong stuff and I just need...I don't know.

Work sucks. It often feels like we don't have a store manage because we rarely see him on the floor. And if he walks by he doesn't really acknowledge anyone. The reat of the management team is stressed out by the expectations. We also have new people. So many new people so they are slow. Which is understandable but a lot of them don't ask for help and are taking too long. And even though omni sales out performs in store sales we can't get support from most of the management team.

We need a team manager.

We need a store manager that will actually do things. Our old manager wasn't perfect but he would come out and help or move people around .

And no one really understands the shit show that is going to start in a week or 2 when orders really ramp up.

Communication sucks at the store and we keep hearing conflicting things and there is no way to keep everyone in contact with what is going on.

M and I go to Florida on Friday and I am so damn ready.

Laura - Oct 11, 2021 10:46:10 am PDT #7673 of 7718
I didn't know how to respond to the bat-shit crazy. And then I realized I didn't have to. -Victor Infante

Are there any potential other job opportunities nearby, askye? It doesn't sound like things are going to improve.

-t - Oct 11, 2021 10:53:55 am PDT #7674 of 7718
Well, not where I'm from. But maybe I'm not there anymore

I'm sorry, askye. I'm glad you have a vacation planned.

sumi - Oct 11, 2021 11:09:32 am PDT #7675 of 7718
Art Crawl!!!

askye - what a mess. Ineffective managers are the worst. I’m glad you have a vacation planned!

askye - Oct 11, 2021 4:56:19 pm PDT #7676 of 7718
Thrive to spite them

I briefly talked to my assistant manager, who because we lost the lead who handled the dock/truck has been doing that too and she knows what we need. It's just finding the right people.

It feels like this is a leadership thing, like the store manager had a very successful career at a different chain of dept stores and our old manager knew and worked with him and liked him. But the current store manager is just...he isn't connecting with people and that's becoming an issue.

I kind of vented to one of the team managers, she's new and has been out quite a bit. She said her mom had to go to the ER because she had Covid, then covid pneumonia and then had a heart attack. The team manager is her mom's only caregiver here and the store manager knew all this and the day she came back they worked together and he never asked how her mom was or how she was or anything like that.

Although apparently the store manager isn't happy that the other managers aren't supporting omni sales like they've been asked to. And any time we have extra people they are sent to help.

I don't think our current manager has ever worked fulfillment at all and I don't think he's worked a register at this store either. And our old manager, well all the managers that were here when we were furloughed , all they did was ship to home orders. I think if the current manager had a day or two of experience doing this he'd have a better appreciation of what we are doing and how hard it can be.

Laura-everyone is hiring around here but I'm not sure I would get a better situation. And there are other of our stores I could transfer to but they are at least double my commute. As for other stores we've been hiring people who work in other retailers. I have looked at office jobs but a lot of them have a salary range that is actually less than what I'm making now.

lisah - Oct 13, 2021 7:21:09 am PDT #7677 of 7718
Punishingly Intricate

 It's just finding the right people.

Are these posted jobs? Can you apply? Also, it's definitely worth looking seriously at other options. You have a ton of great experience and it can't hurt to apply and interview.

askye - Oct 16, 2021 7:20:42 am PDT #7678 of 7718
Thrive to spite them

In all my overpacking for the beach I somehow forgot to put in a good bra. I have my 2 stretchy comfy bras "around the house" bras one I wore yesterday to be comfortable. But not a supportive flattering bra hopefully I'll find one at wal mart.

I wouldn't worry about flattering too much but I want to take pictures with people and look cute.

DavidS - Oct 16, 2021 9:59:48 am PDT #7679 of 7718
"Look, son, if it's good enough for Shirley Bassey, it's good enough for you."

but I want to take pictures with people and look cute.

You've looked very cute in the pictures you have shared so far.

askye - Oct 17, 2021 6:14:53 am PDT #7680 of 7718
Thrive to spite them

Thanks! I feel cute.

I've been posting some on Instagram since I have pretty pictures to share. And one of my coworkers is having a rough time so I'm texting her pictures to give her something pretty to look at .