Wesley: We're going to bring Angelus in alive. Connor: No we're not. Gunn: I thought you said capturing him wasn't an option. Wesley: Changed my mind. Connor: Change it back.

'Why We Fight'

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Jesse - Nov 19, 2022 6:52:41 pm PST #1946 of 1961
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.

I very much enjoyed Interview with the Vampire, and just learned that Louis has Storm on the Sea of Galilee on his wall, and I can't believe I never noticed! (Of Gardner heist fame)

Laga - Nov 21, 2022 9:41:17 am PST #1947 of 1961
You should know I'm a big deal in the Resistance.

oh Jesse that is so cool I never would have caught that

Jesse - Nov 21, 2022 10:46:47 am PST #1948 of 1961
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.

Me neither!

Matt the Bruins fan - Nov 21, 2022 4:40:18 pm PST #1949 of 1961
I question any metric that results in there being more than 80 comedies worse than The Love Guru.

Just for that he deserves everything Lestat and Claudia put him through!

Steph L. - Jan 18, 2023 1:34:56 pm PST #1950 of 1961
It's actually been a really hard year, when you stop and do the math. Eliot would cry, too, if it didn't take him seventy minutes of therapy, two cocktails, and a Sondheim medley before he can experience a human emotion through the haze of his PTSD.

While I was waiting for articles to edit today, I started binge-watching Interview With the Vampire, and it's just goddamn fantastic. Also, Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid are so fucking pretty.

askye - Jan 18, 2023 3:17:47 pm PST #1951 of 1961
Thrive to spite them

So apparently my nephew is going to start watching Chuck with his godmother but only the first 2 seasons because (according to him) my brother said in the later seasons Chuck turns "perverted". Which I didn't watch Chuck all the way through so I have no idea but I have a feeling if there was something really out there then I would have remembered it just because it's controversial.

Was there something weird/bad about the later seasons of Chuck ?

aurelia - Jan 19, 2023 9:21:39 pm PST #1952 of 1961
All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story. Tell me a story.

There was a bit of a tone shift when Chuck got an "upgrade" to make him less of an endearing nerd and more of a superspy. I wouldn't call it "perverted".

Laura - Jan 20, 2023 5:42:40 am PST #1953 of 1961
"Against all evidence, I keep thinking the assholes are outliers." - James Holden

What aurelia said. It wasn't as fun as the beginning seasons, but still entertaining.

Laga - Jan 20, 2023 11:07:24 am PST #1954 of 1961
You should know I'm a big deal in the Resistance.

I enjoyed Chuck all the way through but they definitely made some choices.

JenP - Jan 26, 2023 12:32:42 pm PST #1955 of 1961

Aw, man, the whitefont rules are so quaint anymore -- what even is "aired" in this future world we live in?

Since sj's post reminded me, I'm half way it to watching the first ep of Wolfpack. I'm going to whitefont, because I honestly don't know...

So, if I were watching NOT because of SMG, I'd be mildly intrigued, but I probably wouldn't even have checked it out. Since I am watching for SMG, I was getting all "OK, we're half way in, all the beautiful young things are, indeed, beautiful, but... where's my girl?!?" Woman, now, of course. Anyway, she finally made her walk-on, yay! And now I begin watching in earnest...

Now I finish watching.

Big smile.

That could totally be the Slayer. I mean, that's no my expectation -- it is just nice to see SMG quipping through danger again. Yes, indeed.

I'll certainly give it a shot.