Angel: I can stay in town as long as you want me. Buffy: How's forever? Does forever work for you?

'Lies My Parents Told Me'

ita's thread

A place where we can talk about ita, miss ita, and share information about memorials. The hugging started over here in Natter.

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-t - Apr 08, 2021 9:05:19 am PDT #3031 of 3032
‘if you had committed a murder and were trying to get away with it, you wouldn’t let a trifle like a second breakfast stand in your way.’ - The Five Red Herrings

I just saw that that exists yesterday, now I will have to seek it out!

Consuela - Apr 08, 2021 7:39:49 pm PDT #3032 of 3032
We are Buffistas. This isn't our first apocalypse. -- Pix

Really? Is it good?

I remember watching the original back in the day, and a few years ago I decided it was beyond rebooting, the whole concept was unredeemable. So it's fascinating that someone actually went after it anyway.

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