Tara: What's so bad about them coming here? Aren't they good guys? I mean, Watchers, that's just like whole other Gileses, right? Buffy: Yes! They're scary and horrible!


Natter 57 Varieties  

Off-topic discussion. Wanna talk about corsets, duct tape, or physics? This is the place. Detailed discussion of any current-season TV must be whitefonted.

SuziQ - Feb 18, 2008 9:04:17 am PST #12 of 10001
Back tattoos of the mother is that you are absolutely right - Ame

Yummy thread!!! (hic)

tommyrot - Feb 18, 2008 9:05:31 am PST #13 of 10001
Sir, it's not an offence to let your cat eat your bacon. Okay? And we don't arrest cats, I'm very sorry.

How can you not like variety 42?

I used to, but one time I had a whole bunch of variety 42 and as a result I got sick of it.

sumi - Feb 18, 2008 9:05:32 am PST #14 of 10001
Art Crawl!!!

Variety 42 is a know-it-all.

Laga - Feb 18, 2008 9:08:43 am PST #15 of 10001
You should know I'm a big deal in the Resistance.

one time I had a whole bunch of variety 42 and as a result I got sick of it

oh yeah, that's why I can't hack variety 11 anymore. Man that was a hell of a party.

Steph L. - Feb 18, 2008 9:18:15 am PST #16 of 10001
I'd sign away my trust fund / I would even sell the Jag / if I could spend my misspent youth / with Andrew in drag

How can you not like variety 42?

I like Product 19.

I just try not to think how bad Products 1-18 must have been.

aurelia - Feb 18, 2008 9:20:47 am PST #17 of 10001
All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story. Tell me a story.

Kristin, I had an instructor in college who required each of us to provide a cassette tape for comments. That was pretty low tech. I'm sure there are ways to do it entirely electronically over the internets, but yeah, that probably takes a little more planning. Something to consider if your hand keeps bothering you though.

Emily - Feb 18, 2008 9:26:07 am PST #18 of 10001
"In the equation E = mc⬧, c⬧ is a pretty big honking number." - Scola

In almost entirely unrelated news, I've been trying to emulate McDonald's honey mustard sauce, and although I've failed it's been an interesting failure. Based on the Web's advice, I added Heinz 57. It's not bad.

beth b - Feb 18, 2008 9:27:02 am PST #19 of 10001
oh joy! Oh Rapture ! I have a brain!

new thread....huh.....still looks like people are sleeping

Allyson - Feb 18, 2008 9:27:13 am PST #20 of 10001
Wait, is this real-world child support, where the money goes to buy food for the kids, or MRA fantasyland child support where the women just buy Ferraris and cocaine? -Jessica

I was just reading about a new book that blames the internet and such for making people dumber.

Woe. Another rant on rampant anti-intellectualism: [link]

brenda m - Feb 18, 2008 9:32:48 am PST #21 of 10001
If you're going through hell/keep on going/don't slow down/keep your fear from showing/you might be gone/'fore the devil even knows you're there

Same rant, I think.