We have to see the chimp playing hockey! That's hilarious! The ice is so slippery, and, and monkeys are all irrational. We have to see this!

Anya ,'Bring On The Night'

Spike's Bitches 34: They're All Slime and Antlers  

[NAFDA] Spike-centric discussion. Lusty, lewd (only occasionally crude), risque (and frisque), bawdy (Oh, lawdy!), flirty ('cuz we're purty), raunchy talk inside. Caveat lector.

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Aims - Jan 09, 2007 11:05:03 am PST #1 of 10001
Shit's all sorts of different now.


Maria - Jan 09, 2007 11:05:04 am PST #2 of 10001
Not so nice is that I'm about to ruin a Friday morning for a bunch of people because of a series of unfortunate events and an upset foreign government. - shrift


edit: Damn you, Empress! Still, 2d is my personal best. I don't think I've ever been top ten, honestly.

P.M. Marc - Jan 09, 2007 11:05:07 am PST #3 of 10001
So come, my friends, be not afraid/We are so lightly here/It is in love that we are made; In love we disappear

Party on.

Pete, Husband of Jilli - Jan 09, 2007 11:05:10 am PST #4 of 10001
"I've got a gun! I've got a mother-flippin' gun!" - Moss, The IT Crowd


eta: What on earth happened to my connection. I posted when the thread had no comments.

Nora Deirdre - Jan 09, 2007 11:05:12 am PST #5 of 10001
I’m responsible for my own happiness? I can’t even be responsible for my own breakfast! (Bojack Horseman)


ETA: Top 5, I'll take it.

SailAweigh - Jan 09, 2007 11:05:31 am PST #6 of 10001
Nana korobi, ya oki. (Fall down seven times, stand up eight.) ~Yuzuru Hanyu/Japanese proverb

Whoohoo! new thread!

juliana - Jan 09, 2007 11:05:37 am PST #7 of 10001
I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I miss them all tonight…


Amy - Jan 09, 2007 11:05:53 am PST #8 of 10001
Because books.

Aw! Slime and antlers! Yay!

Lee - Jan 09, 2007 11:05:54 am PST #9 of 10001
The feeling you get when your brain finally lets your heart get in its pants.


tommyrot - Jan 09, 2007 11:06:34 am PST #10 of 10001
Sir, it's not an offence to let your cat eat your bacon. Okay? And we don't arrest cats, I'm very sorry.


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