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JenP - Nov 25, 2021 11:11:04 am PST #4057 of 4059

Happy Thanksgiving, and another call-out for holiday card interest! I know the line breaks don't work -- no problem at all, just use commas or whatever.

The link: [link]

Let's see... how about a deadline of five more days for sign-up, Tuesday, Nov. 30th. (Will try to get your info. to you by end of the day next day.)

JenP - Nov 30, 2021 9:54:30 am PST #4058 of 4059

Does this count as spamming Press? Maybe!

Today's the day -- if you'd like to participate in the b.org holiday card exchange, please sign up at the link in the previous post (don't worry about the line break issue in the form) by today.

I will send out your recipient list to you on Wednesday, 12/1.

Please try to have your cards in the mail by (what was it? ::checks::) January 6th.

(If you end up needing a relief pitcher, just let me know - completely fine if it happens; don't give it a second thought. Well, other than letting me know; do give it that thought. But don't beat yourself up, is what I'm saying.)

JenP - Dec 01, 2021 5:54:29 pm PST #4059 of 4059

OK, holiday card assignments sent! If you didn't get an email from me, please email me at my profile addy. A couple of the addresses looked like they might be old, and I checked the B.org Master Mailing list, but those were no more updated for the couple I'm not sure about.

To avoid any possible confusion, your personal list to send to is in body of the email, but if you opted in to receive the complete address list, you have the complete list attached. Not expecting you to send to everyone on it!

So, your list of recipients is in the email; whole list attached in case you are feeling more writery than you thought.

Again, if you need a pinch hitter, just let me know.

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