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DCJensen - Feb 14, 2021 11:51:49 pm PST #25418 of 25433
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Hi all!

It has been a while, but I came to ask for advice on storage. For many years I have been basically doing simple backups.However, I have been getting paranoid that I need some sort of raided central servers my home for all my devices. I find my experiences with the tech to be a bit out of date.

Unfortunately, I am also sitting here at home working for $12/hour (with a lot less stress and better medical).

Any suggestions for a basic nas/raid/etc. would be appreciated.

amych - Feb 15, 2021 1:13:12 pm PST #25419 of 25433
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NoiseDesign - Feb 18, 2021 2:06:54 pm PST #25420 of 25433
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Any suggestions for a basic nas/raid/etc. would be appreciated.

I know a lot of folks who are happy with the products from Synology. I haven't used them first hand as I've got a decent investment in Drobo gear, but the Drobo stuff skews to the expensive side of things.

meara - Mar 19, 2021 9:01:54 am PDT #25421 of 25433

Ok my excel gurus. I feel like this should be easy but am confounded and not sure how to word my search:

I have a list of names and dates, a column for each. Like Smith 1/31/21 and Smith 3/1/21 and Jones 2/14/21

I want a list of the most recent dates.

Smith 3/1/21 Jones 2/14/21

Or even better, the most recent and the previous, in columns

Smith 3/1/21 1/31/21 Jones 2/14/21

What do I do to get this? So far I made a pivot table separating out dates before and after now, with min or max, so I’ve got two tables one that lists max before today (most recent) and one that lists min date after today (next) but feel like there must be a better way to do this

dcp - Mar 19, 2021 9:44:14 am PDT #25422 of 25433
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I want a list of the most recent dates
Maybe use the Sort command on the dates column, high-to-low and note the results you were looking for, and then re-do the Sort as low-to-high?

-t - Mar 19, 2021 9:48:03 am PDT #25423 of 25433
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I think I would try using the MAXIFS function. If your names are in column A and dates in column B and you put a new column of names in D (copy and pasting and removing duplicates and sorting, or whatever) you can enter "=today()" in E1 and use the formula =MAXIFS($B:$B,$A:$A,$D2,$B:$B,"<"&$E$1) to get the last date before today in column E and =MAXIFS($B:$B,$A:$A,$D2,$B:$B,"<"&$E2) in column F to get the previous to last date

meara - Mar 19, 2021 10:34:37 am PDT #25424 of 25433

Dcp, I can sort, but if I have 10 or 15 names, it makes it hard to see, which is why I wanted a formula or table—otherwise I’d just have to sort and then filter for each name and manually enter the info. Doable for a few names, not so much when it’s a bigger list.

meara - Mar 19, 2021 10:47:33 am PDT #25425 of 25433

Thanks t, I’ll give it a shot!

Volans - Mar 24, 2021 3:53:14 pm PDT #25426 of 25433
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Are Duck Donuts a thing anywhere else? The business model is a doughnut topped with stuff, like bacon. link

amych - Mar 24, 2021 3:57:00 pm PDT #25427 of 25433
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I LOVE Duck Donuts.

They have a bunch of locations around NC (the Duck in the name is the teeny-tiny town of Duck on the outer banks, not an actual avian duck), but I don't know if they've gone much further afield.