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Natter 37: Oddly Enough, We've Had This Conversation Before.  

Off-topic discussion. Wanna talk about corsets, duct tape, or physics? This is the place. Detailed discussion of any current-season TV must be whitefonted.

Sheryl - Jul 14, 2005 10:37:11 am PDT #10 of 10002
Fandom means never having to say "But where would I wear that?"

Wow, top 10!

Fred Pete - Jul 14, 2005 10:37:26 am PDT #11 of 10002
Ann, that's a ferret.

Top 10? Barely?


Frankenbuddha - Jul 14, 2005 10:37:31 am PDT #12 of 10002
"We are the Goon Squad and we're coming to town...Beep! Beep!" - David Bowie, "Fashion"

Top 10?

Bugger. Oh well, got in the first dozen.

tommyrot - Jul 14, 2005 10:37:32 am PDT #13 of 10002
Sir, it's not an offence to let your cat eat your bacon. Okay? And we don't arrest cats, I'm very sorry.

Five posts in 16 seconds - nice.

Emily - Jul 14, 2005 10:38:35 am PDT #14 of 10002
"In the equation E = mc⬧, c⬧ is a pretty big honking number." - Scola

Emily, you could post about it in haiku.

Hmph. Ten hours on how to teach number systems to 9th graders. My brain is dead now, people!

Too bad I still have two hours of class to get through.

Dana - Jul 14, 2005 10:38:59 am PDT #15 of 10002
"I'm useless alone." // "We're all useless alone. It's a good thing you're not alone."

Man, did Scola get both 10,000 and the first post in the new thread? He's shifty.

Fay - Jul 14, 2005 10:39:22 am PDT #16 of 10002
"Fuck Western ideologically-motivated gender identification!" Sulu gasped, and came.

Top 20?

Nora Deirdre - Jul 14, 2005 10:40:27 am PDT #17 of 10002
I’m responsible for my own happiness? I can’t even be responsible for my own breakfast! (Bojack Horseman)

top 20, that's OK too. Got distracted.

ChiKat - Jul 14, 2005 10:42:13 am PDT #18 of 10002
That man was going to shank me. Over an omelette. Two eggs and a slice of government cheese. Is that what my life is worth?

Ohhh. Top 20!

EpicTangent - Jul 14, 2005 10:45:02 am PDT #19 of 10002
Why isn't everyone pelting me with JOY, dammit? - Zenkitty

Top 20, unless I type too slow.

And now back to playing catch-up in the old, dead Natter.