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Buffista Fic 2: They Said It Couldn't Be Done.

[NAFDA] Where the Buffistas let their fanfic creative juices flow. May contain erotica.

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erikaj - May 26, 2023 10:51:54 am PDT #1101 of 1101
This machine kills fascists

Just a little drabble, like one of Victor's ones.

About A Girl

Seattle 1990

“Ooh, Spike, look at the sad, pretty boy. Do you think it would help him to play with Miss Edith?”

“Oh, Dru, love,” Spike replied. “Tell me you didn’t really bring that doll to a show.” Spike looked at the slender Cobain. “Bit wet for a rocker. Even in a town that never dries out.”

“Do you think it rains so much because he has clouds around his head?”

“Makes as much sense as anything, dear."

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