And what's the fun in becoming an immortal demon if you're not regular, am I right?

The Mayor ,'End of Days'

Buffista Fic 2: They Said It Couldn't Be Done.

[NAFDA] Where the Buffistas let their fanfic creative juices flow. May contain erotica.

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erikaj - Dec 02, 2023 11:36:05 am PST #1103 of 1103
I'm a fucking amazing catch!--Fiona Gallagher, Shameless(US)

This might be a real story sometime; it might not. People are finally catching up to my Grosse Pointe quarantine fic(Which, incidentally, is the thing I wrote the most cause I liked it since I was about twelve.) Maybe this could be one of those. Friends "The One Where The Plot Bunny Grieves" [link]

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