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Natter 31 But Looks 29  

Off-topic discussion. Wanna talk about corsets, duct tape, or physics? This is the place. Detailed discussion of any current-season TV must be whitefonted.

JohnSweden - Dec 22, 2004 12:59:45 pm PST #19 of 10002
I can't even.

I leave work and the thread rolls over. I think it is a sign.

DavidS - Dec 22, 2004 1:04:50 pm PST #20 of 10002
"Look, son, if it's good enough for Shirley Bassey, it's good enough for you."

What are y'all having? Apparently I'm buying.

Margarita, please. Rocks. Salt. Herradura Silver and Cointreau.

Consuela - Dec 22, 2004 1:07:48 pm PST #21 of 10002
We are Buffistas. This isn't our first apocalypse. -- Pix

I'll have what Hec's having, minus the salt.

Topic!Cindy - Dec 22, 2004 1:08:38 pm PST #22 of 10002
What is even happening?

I know, Cindy. I was just remembering back to my young-mother years, when I would happily have plonked the kids in front of "Stories Too Tacky Even For Hustler" if it would have bought me a half-hour's peace.
Betsy, when Ben was somewhere around Owen's age, we watched the Camelot film at my mother's house. He was tooling around in his walker (walkers weren't quite outlawed, yet). He heard Franco Nero sing the "If Ever I Would Leave You" song, he was spellbound. I took the tape home with me, and played it a couple of times during the week, because he it was so damned cute. The next week or so, Scott had to travel for business. I was trying to pack up the car, to go stay with my folks for a night. He was in the stage Annabel is in, where he hated me to leave the room. I would rewind the song, run out to car with a bag, run back in, rewind the song, run out with the portacrib, run back in, lather, rinse, repeat.

Ha! We have Noggin, now, Betsy. 12 hours, 7 days a week of pre-school age programming with NO commercials. None. The only price we pay is having the damnedest earworms you'd ever hear. Ever.

At least Laurie Berkner's songs are catchy but not cloying. We didn't have Noggin for the older two kids.

We gave them the A Charlie Brown Christmas DVD last night, and watched it together. They adore it, which makes me glad. A year or two ago, we couldn't interest them in it when it came on TV, and we sat there feeling old and awful, wondering if their taste was all in their mouths.

Astarte - Dec 22, 2004 1:16:53 pm PST #23 of 10002
Not having has never been the thing I've regretted most in my life. Not trying is.

streaks through the new natter thread wearing a holly crown and strategically placed tinsel.

Pix - Dec 22, 2004 1:18:56 pm PST #24 of 10002
"Because if life gives you lemons / you don't have to make / lemonade / sugar isn't free / and grief doesn't have / to be productive." -from "lemonade" by Kaitlin Shelter

First 25?

Cashmere - Dec 22, 2004 1:19:21 pm PST #25 of 10002
Now tagless for your comfort.

We gave them the A Charlie Brown Christmas DVD last night, and watched it together. They adore it, which makes me glad.

I was listening to music from that today. It gives me a happy.

NoiseDesign - Dec 22, 2004 1:27:17 pm PST #26 of 10002
"You'd think a house full of crazy people would be fun. It's actually really depressing." --Bart Simpson

Top 30.

Allyson - Dec 22, 2004 1:36:35 pm PST #27 of 10002
Wait, is this real-world child support, where the money goes to buy food for the kids, or MRA fantasyland child support where the women just buy Ferraris and cocaine? -Jessica

These are the sorts of emails I receive at work:

FYI -- there's a new PRL which has a remarkably simple value for the fundamental quantum limit for time measurement. It's just

(here's a random equasion that looks like sandscrit)

where t is the time to be measured and t_p is the Planck time. Taking t_p to be 10^-43 s predicts a fundamental variation of 2x10^-29 s for a 1 s measurement. We're half way there!

And thank goodness! Because I was just worrying about the fundamental quantum limit for time measurement!

I want to work somewhere where I'm the smartest person in the building.

Wolfram - Dec 22, 2004 1:37:37 pm PST #28 of 10002

I want to work somewhere where I'm the smartest person in the building.

Rumsfeld may have to go...