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Matt the Bruins fan - Mar 26, 2018 2:07:04 pm PDT #3630 of 3639
everyone's anti-godzilla until there's a 200,000 ton boat that can't be moved

Matt Ryan as John Constantine is being made a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow (assuming it gets renewed): [link]

That will win me back as a viewer.

Tom Scola - Apr 02, 2018 10:11:53 am PDT #3631 of 3639
Like a pinch on the neck from Mr Spock

You get your wish, Matt:

The renewed series are: "Arrow" (Season 7), "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" (Season 4), "Legends of Tomorrow" (Season 4), "The Flash" (Season 5), "Jane the Virgin" (Season 5), "Riverdale" (Season 3), "Supergirl" (Season 4), and "Supernatural" (Season 14). In addition, freshman shows "Black Lightning" and "Dynasty" have been picked up for second seasons. The network will make decisions on their originals "Life Sentence," "Valor," "iZombie," and "The 100" in May.

sumi - Apr 24, 2018 4:21:53 pm PDT #3632 of 3639
Art Crawl!!!


Tom Scola - Jul 17, 2018 6:41:31 am PDT #3633 of 3639
Like a pinch on the neck from Mr Spock

Keanu riding a horse, in Brooklyn, while shooting John Wick 3.

Tom Scola - Oct 26, 2018 3:11:46 pm PDT #3634 of 3639
Like a pinch on the neck from Mr Spock

Most obvious Avengers casting ever? (Check out the first comment)

askye - Jan 31, 2019 9:39:45 am PST #3635 of 3639
Thrive to spite them


Dana - Feb 13, 2019 9:52:53 am PST #3636 of 3639
If dreams were thunder // And lightning was desire // This old house would've burned down // A long time ago -- John Prine

I was going to post in Boxed Set about how Carlos Valdes is so much better than The Flash requires and I'm dreading his inevitable departure.

Googled how to spell his name, and apparently he's leaving at the end of the season. I guess I can predict the future now.

beekaytee - Feb 18, 2019 11:49:54 am PST #3637 of 3639
The bee used to have a j and I still don't have a Clyde.



'Los is pretty much my reason for watching The Flash.

Under other circumstances, Dana, I would applaud your clairvoyance but...not today.

sumi - Feb 25, 2019 5:13:09 am PST #3638 of 3639
Art Crawl!!!

That's too bad. I hope he's got an excellent new gig.

Just read over on the futon critic that Natalie Dormer has been cast in the next iteration of Penny Dreadful to be set in LA in the 1930s.

askye - Aug 24, 2019 6:06:06 pm PDT #3639 of 3639
Thrive to spite them

Brandon Roth and Courtney Ford will be leaving Legends of Tomorrow.

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