Hey, preaching to the choir. I thought our Lady of the Perpetual Sea Breeze was the real deal until the Divine Miss J walked right through that door and right into my ass—which is where my heart is…physiologically. I could show you an x-ray.

Lorne ,'Time Bomb'

Bureaucracy 3: Oh, so now you want to be part of the SOLUTION?  

A thread to discuss naming threads, board policy, new thread suggestions, and anything else that has to do with board administration and maintenance. Guaranteed to include lively debate and polls. Natter discouraged, but not deleted.

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Lee - Apr 14, 2004 7:56:54 am PDT #19 of 10001
The feeling you get when your brain finally lets your heart get in its pants.

Hee. New Talkymeat thread. How long before we kerfuffle?

Astarte - Apr 14, 2004 7:58:58 am PDT #20 of 10001
Not having has never been the thing I've regretted most in my life. Not trying is.

Ah, shiny new thread.

Hey, youkidsgetoffamylawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Topic!Cindy - Apr 14, 2004 8:03:55 am PDT #21 of 10001
What is even happening?

'splain more fully, please Cindy. Leave up an idle window set to the ending thread, which has a posting box, while keeping up in another window, you mean?

Yes. Keep open a window with the thread loaded, where the posting box is still present (so when the posts are up in the 999Xs, it's time, otherwise the posting box disappears), so it has a posting box. Keep up in another window, and after the thread has been closed, sneak back in. Then DX will come in and go all Dawn-eeeeee on you, and post:

Get out! Get out! Get out!

DXMachina "Bureaucracy 2: Like Sartre, Only Longer" Apr 14, 2004 9:46:59 am PDT

It was really more the "OH MY GOD THERE ARE TWO OF THEM NOW" reaction.

Some of that was me, yelling to y'all with my mind! Sorry amy, but thanks, because *shudder*

§ ita § - Apr 14, 2004 8:13:01 am PDT #22 of 10001
Well not canonically, no, but this is transformative fiction.

::makes note to disable late post-cheating functionality::

Topic!Cindy - Apr 14, 2004 8:14:30 am PDT #23 of 10001
What is even happening?

meanest fluffy bunny in the west

JohnSweden - Apr 14, 2004 8:53:22 am PDT #24 of 10001
I can't even.

meanest fluffy bunny in the west


Uh, got busy with work stuff so I missed the haiku hoedown to finish B2. Dratz.

Jeff Mejia - Apr 14, 2004 9:34:34 am PDT #25 of 10001
"Don't think of yourself as an organic pain collector racing towards oblivion." Dogbert to Dilbert

If Joss is writing X-Men, does that make the X-Men Jossverse?

I would say no, since Joss didn't invent the characters. He will be operating under Marvel's restraints as to what he can do. If he wants to kill somoene off, he'll have to get approval from the editors.

Should we change the thread title regardless?

I'm in favor of just changing the thread description.

DavidS - Apr 14, 2004 10:18:42 am PDT #26 of 10001
"Look, son, if it's good enough for Shirley Bassey, it's good enough for you."

meanest fluffy bunny in the west

I sas a full-sized pink bunny suit in the window of the costume shop the other day. So. Tempting.

Surprisingly unrelated to that item, ita insent.

aurelia - Apr 14, 2004 10:41:10 am PDT #27 of 10001
All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story. Tell me a story.

How long before we kerfuffle?

There should be fluffing before kerfluffing, just for balance.

And I'm pretty sure we're going to need a title for the thread where we discuss the unaired Wonderfalls eps, but nobody wants to help me!

Salad Shooters: Bring Your Own Yarn

Cynthia - Apr 14, 2004 12:01:35 pm PDT #28 of 10001
JAYE: You should come out with us. I thought we could take her clubbing. MAHANDRA: Baby seals?

And I'm pretty sure we're going to need a title for the thread where we discuss the unaired Wonderfalls eps, but nobody wants to help me!

How 'bout "Surrender To Destiny"?