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Bureaucracy 3: Oh, so now you want to be part of the SOLUTION?  

A thread to discuss naming threads, board policy, new thread suggestions, and anything else that has to do with board administration and maintenance. Guaranteed to include lively debate and polls. Natter discouraged, but not deleted.

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ChiKat - May 25, 2004 10:44:53 am PDT #1 of 10001
That man was going to shank me. Over an omelette. Two eggs and a slice of government cheese. Is that what my life is worth?

I have one question. Is factionalization a bad thing?

I can see where, ideally, people could want the board to be one big happy family. But, the reality is that we are a pretty large group with varied interests. Historically, it was the shared interest in Buffy/Angel that brought us together, but over the years we have morphed into much more than just that.

Are people concerned that without at least one common interest, we won't get along? Or the board will die? Or I don't know what?

DebetEsse - Apr 14, 2004 7:29:41 am PDT #2 of 10001
Woe to the fucking wicked.

Did somebody say preferential voting?


Beverly - Apr 14, 2004 7:29:44 am PDT #3 of 10001
Days shrink and grow cold, sunlight through leaves is my song. Winter is long.


Jon B. - Apr 14, 2004 7:29:52 am PDT #4 of 10001
A turkey in every toilet -- only in America!

We'll talk.... We'll discuss....

Beverly - Apr 14, 2004 7:32:21 am PDT #5 of 10001
Days shrink and grow cold, sunlight through leaves is my song. Winter is long.

Oh, SO unfair. My posting box for B2 disappeared at 10000, but there were three posts after that. Foo.

I'm all in haiku mode. Shouldn't we inaugurate as well as close threads with poetry?

Thanks, Jon, for the clean and shiny new thread.

bon bon - Apr 14, 2004 7:34:06 am PDT #6 of 10001
It's five thousand for kissing, ten thousand for snuggling... End of list.

I want to be part! Me, me!

Jess M. - Apr 14, 2004 7:35:12 am PDT #7 of 10001
Let me just say that popularity with people on public transportation does not equal literary respect. --Jesse

Haiku haiku hai
ku haiku haiku haiku
haiku haiku ku!

Fred Pete - Apr 14, 2004 7:35:27 am PDT #8 of 10001
Ann, that's a ferret.

Lucky 7?

(ETA: Curses! Foiled again!)

Lyra Jane - Apr 14, 2004 7:36:53 am PDT #9 of 10001
Up with the sun

Top 10?

Frankenbuddha - Apr 14, 2004 7:38:56 am PDT #10 of 10001
"We are the Goon Squad and we're coming to town...Beep! Beep!" - David Bowie, "Fashion"

Sigh, Top 20?

NOPE! Woot! 10000 and 10. I rule!


Excuse me, I excite easily.

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