Atherton: Half the men in this room wish you were on their arm, tonight. Inara: Only half. I must be losing my indefinable allure.


Goodbye and Good Riddance 2015: Goodnight moon  

Every year we watch the Charlie Brown special, do the Snoopy dance, wish everybody a Merry Thanksgivukkahmas, and thank our Secret Santas in the good riddance thread. Which is this one, in case you were wondering.

Go away, 2015.

askye - Nov 28, 2015 1:08:02 pm PST #23 of 251
Thrive to spite them

Thanks Shir. Just having support around me is helpful. Hard to get used to at times but helpful.

Well on thing is looking up with the help of Dad I have a car. The payments will be manageable. Honda Fit. The sales guy was nice.

The first place we went to the sales guy was a former high school coach...he lacked tact.

amych - Dec 06, 2015 7:17:30 pm PST #24 of 251
Now let us crush something soft and watch it fountain blood. That is a girlish thing to want to do, yes?

Oh, this year.

Liese S. - Dec 06, 2015 8:11:25 pm PST #25 of 251
"Faded like the lilac, he thought."

Yeah, fuck this year.

Kate P. - Dec 07, 2015 5:53:29 am PST #26 of 251
That's the pain / That cuts a straight line down through the heart / We call it love

Seriously. And yet, this year has been wonderful for some of us too -- I'm thinking in particular of the Buffista babies born this year, including my own. But it came in with a really shitty bang, and appears to be going out the same way.

As I said to a friend recently (a cancer survivor who just found out that she has a whole new type of cancer, and whose children both got engaged this year), don't you just want a little less LIFE in your life, sometimes? Enough with the huge ups and downs; I could go for some tranquility for a while.

-t - Dec 07, 2015 6:08:07 am PST #27 of 251
Why abandon a well tried system just because it doesn’t work?

Oh, don't wish for that. Tranquility, yes; less life in your life - I understand why, but, well, we should know to be careful with wishes, right?

Kate P. - Dec 07, 2015 6:15:32 am PST #28 of 251
That's the pain / That cuts a straight line down through the heart / We call it love

No, you're right, of course -- I suppose I should come up with a better way to phrase that, at least. Let's just go with tranquility, then.

Glamcookie - Dec 07, 2015 10:12:54 am PST #29 of 251
I know my own heart and understand my fellow man. But I am made unlike anyone I have ever met. I dare to say I am like no one in the whole world. - Anne Lister

Goodnight perfect and heartbreaking. 2015 has been a hard Buffista year and I hope the coming year is brighter.

Personally, 2015 has been pretty positive. We have:

  • Relocated to NC from CA
  • Experienced first snow (my boys, that is)
  • Moved into our new home
  • Turned 2 (F) and about to turn 6 ( !!!)
  • Visited often with grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts (previously saw them ~1 per year)
  • Started Kindergarten (!!!!)
  • Got a new job (me, last month - same company)
  • Stopped nursing forever (sob)
  • Visited CA (DW and I in separate trips)

Hoping for a lovely, peaceful year for you, my Buffistae. Hugs and love.

Dana - Dec 07, 2015 1:35:03 pm PST #30 of 251
If dreams were thunder // And lightning was desire // This old house would've burned down // A long time ago -- John Prine

I was looking back at my DW to refresh my memory of what happened this year. The third entry is about ita. Not long after that is me talking about needing my AD adjusted. Not long after that, my great-aunt died. In August, my husband got fired, in an unfair and traumatic way.

This has maybe not been the best year.

There was good, of course -- I went to cons and saw friends, shrift came to New Orleans and we did Mardi Gras, husband and I went on a cruise.

I've been so angry for the past several months, because so many people are hateful and wrong. Guns, gay rights, women's rights, poverty, tolerance -- I just don't understand why people are like this.

And then Ginger. It's a hell of a way to end the year. I'm going to try to be less angry and more productive, in several ways.

esse - Dec 07, 2015 8:39:38 pm PST #31 of 251
S to the A -- using they/them pronouns!

Is there still time to hop on Secret Santa?

It's been a ... transitiony year for me. I was laid off last November, in poor health and a great deal of pain, and spent 3/4 of this year recovering. (I was fortunate to be covered by unemployement.) It was for the best in so many ways, but the result of dropping a ton of stress has had intensely positive physical and mental result. I kind of hibernated 2015. The time I allowed myself to heal has proven to be what I've needed, probably for awhile.

In September I was fully grant funded to return to college for additional training! At the end of my first term I have all A's and a great chance of continuing to receive funding for the near future. It was the best move I could make for myself. That's pretty much all I've been doing for the rest of the year.

It's been a rough Buffista year. Losing people I've know for nearly half of my life is quite devastating. But I am grateful for all the ways I've gotten to reconnect with folks this year and feel the love shared here. Thanks for being a place I can come home to.

meara - Dec 07, 2015 8:42:03 pm PST #32 of 251

What are you (re?)training for, SA? That sounds great!