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Dana - Jul 15, 2020 6:35:37 am PDT #1405 of 1414
"I'm useless alone." // "We're all useless alone. It's a good thing you're not alone."

Hey, self-employed people, you should do this:


Steph L. - Jul 15, 2020 7:17:29 am PDT #1406 of 1414
Apparently if you're enough of a power nerd, there is nothing that cannot be flowcharted.

Hey, self-employed people, you should do this:

That's great that more funds are available! (I'm still working more than 40 hours a week and feel like I should just leave that grant money for people who need it.)

Dana - Jul 15, 2020 9:39:54 am PDT #1407 of 1414
"I'm useless alone." // "We're all useless alone. It's a good thing you're not alone."

Unfortunately, it seems to be out of money for the second time. I hope they re-up it.

smonster - Aug 09, 2020 12:57:06 pm PDT #1408 of 1414
We won’t stop until everyone is gay.

Hey! I am looking to hire a helper, can I get some eyes on my rough help wanted post?


Helper needed M-W to help restore old wood windows. Experience not necessary.

Key qualities needed: Patience for tedious and repetitive tasks Attention to detail Ability to follow instructions Ability to work independently Willingness to learn how to use power tools Appreciation for historic architecture

This is hot, sweaty, and dirty work. You will be provided training and proper PPE. Looking for someone who is truly interested in doing this work long term. Priority given to women, especially WoC.

Window restoration includes the following skills: carpentry and milling glazing glass-cutting detail painting lead risk mitigation paint removal

Pay starts at $13/hr, to be re-evaluated after one month.

megan walker - May 13, 2021 1:58:51 pm PDT #1409 of 1414
"What kind of magical sunshine and lollipop world do you live in? Because you need to be medicated."-SFist

Ugh. I looked this up in early April but I guess I misread the tax deadline extension info wrong and 2021 estimated taxes were still due on April 15th, not on May 17th like everything else. And I was waiting to figure out what the estimated should be once I filed and paid 2020, which I just did. But now apparently I'm one month late with the estimated taxes. Fuck. I feel so stupid since I had the money and could have paid this back then. And I swear I double checked this. Grrr aargh.

beekaytee - Oct 04, 2021 2:58:15 pm PDT #1410 of 1414
Compassionately intolerant

Megan, everything has been so messed up the last few years. I hope you feel better about your tax stuff.

And, speaking of same, I'm wondering if anyone has a testimonial for a Quickbooks alternative, specifically for a service company. I've never used one of these products and just want to make a good choice.

I'm solo, and don't know if I'll take payments through the program.

Cheers, for any thoughts.

Toddson - Oct 07, 2021 6:18:14 am PDT #1411 of 1414
Friends don't let friends read "Atlas Shrugged"

My finances are usually uncomplicated enough that most of my life I've done the 1040EZ. However, the last two years I had heft payments (one from an annuity my mother left, the other a payoff from my old apartment, signing over my tenant rights). I went to Block Advisors and had a pretty good experience (except, of course, having to pay the taxes). It might not apply, but I thought I'd toss that in.

erikaj - Jan 09, 2024 4:52:37 pm PST #1412 of 1414
If Scooby Doo taught me anything, it's that the only thing to fear is real-estate developers.Lisa Simpson

not sure if anyone still looks in here. I don't have usual work or work things, I know, but I still need thoughts about quitting. Like, when is it time? Because #shepersisted is sort of, you know, the one thing I get credit for, but in practice, it means I'm in a meeting, like, always. It's been like that for years, but I'm older now, and we've all just gotten a painful example that life can be fleeting and I don't want to spend that last day in a zoom about advocacy. Which I don't even think I'm that good at(aside from being somewhat hard to kill, I guess) there is another question about what I'd do instead that, yes, I do try to bury in work--it's not exactly helping anymore. Yet, I know political progress can be very slow, incremental, etc.

Laura - Jan 09, 2024 4:58:29 pm PST #1413 of 1414
Our wings are not tired.

If it isn't satisfying for you anymore you could consider taking a break from it for a set amount of time and seeing how you feel. You can always go back. FWIW, I have always admired the work you do. I don't participate in any kind of advocacy to any great extent. and it is important and vital work. So yeah, it is appreciated.

erikaj - Jan 10, 2024 9:58:18 am PST #1414 of 1414
If Scooby Doo taught me anything, it's that the only thing to fear is real-estate developers.Lisa Simpson

It might have softened the blow, if, even one time, I got to be part of a sexy movie campaign. Not that I've done any of that just to meet someone, but it would have been nice(I know more people than ever, actually, but have rarely felt farther from any of that!) Thanks, Laura. That's nice to read.(Because they don't/can't offer me a paycheck, the people are appreciative and when it was all about me learning new stuff all the time, that was good enough. I wouldn't say it's stale now, but it has been about ten's not shiny and new, either. Sometimes, I have gotten into "If I'm so valuable, why doesn't anybody really want to pay me?" but it doesn't take food out of my mouth that they don't, and I don't really want the government getting too curious about what I do, anyway.) Never really seems like a great time to take a break...some of these problems don't stop. And it's *always* the defining election. But maybe I should think about it.

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