I'm very sorry if she tipped off anyone about your cunningly concealed herd of cows.

Simon ,'Safe'

Buffista Music 4: Needs More Cowbell!

There's a lady plays her fav'rite records/On the jukebox ev'ry day/All day long she plays the same old songs/And she believes the things that they say/She sings along with all the saddest songs/And she believes the stories are real/She lets the music dictate the way that she feels.

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Atropa - Oct 06, 2020 10:40:51 am PDT #6387 of 6392
The artist formerly associated with cupcakes.

Dammit, Eddie Van Halen passed away from throat cancer.

Fred Pete - Nov 23, 2020 5:55:37 am PST #6388 of 6392
Ann, that's a ferret.

I have an old Sirius XM receiver that records. So I program it to spend half the weekend recording programs to play during the week while I work. The programs include 4 oldies countdowns -- one each from a week in the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s.

Right now, I'm listening to a countdown from this week in 1994. I don't remember "Wild Night" sounding so good.

Kate P. - Nov 23, 2020 8:48:03 am PST #6389 of 6392
across the sea, a pale moon rises / the ships have come to carry you home

Oh, I used to love that song! Pretty sure I bought the cassingle. Plus, it introduced me to Me'Shell Ndegeocello.

DavidS - Nov 23, 2020 11:15:23 am PST #6390 of 6392
"Look, son, if it's good enough for Shirley Bassey, it's good enough for you."

Plus, it introduced me to Me'Shell Ndegeocello.

I saw her on a BART train once, canoodling with her girlfriend!

Vortex - Nov 25, 2020 10:33:40 pm PST #6391 of 6392
"Cry havoc and let slip the boobs of war!" -- Miracleman

She's awesome. She was the featured artist at a jazz thing I went to a few years ago. Of course, my favorite song of hers has always been "If That's Your Boyfriend"

Jesse - Nov 27, 2020 5:41:19 pm PST #6392 of 6392
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.

I went to high school with her wife!

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