That's beautiful. Or taken literally, incredibly gross.

Buffy ,'Potential'

Natter 59: Dominate Your Face!  

Off-topic discussion. Wanna talk about corsets, duct tape, or physics? This is the place. Detailed discussion of any current-season TV must be whitefonted.

Nora Deirdre - May 31, 2008 8:39:28 am PDT #6 of 10003
I’m responsible for my own happiness? I can’t even be responsible for my own breakfast! (Bojack Horseman)

whoo hoo!

Ginger - May 31, 2008 8:41:11 am PDT #7 of 10003
"It didn't taste good. It tasted soooo horrible. It tasted like....a vodka martini." - Matilda

Ooh! Shiny new thread!

Sparky1 - May 31, 2008 8:41:14 am PDT #8 of 10003
Librarian Warlord

Since I don't know anything about Fluevogs, I bought a pair of these in black for $30 from Village Shoes, hoping they won't flop off my feet because they're much too big: [link]

If I don't want them, maybe Sox will buy 'em off me.

Tamara - May 31, 2008 8:42:03 am PDT #9 of 10003
You know, we could experiment and cancel football.

Look a new thread. Morning, All.

bon bon - May 31, 2008 8:47:11 am PDT #10 of 10003
It's five thousand for kissing, ten thousand for snuggling... End of list.

The sun came out!

Sue - May 31, 2008 8:48:01 am PDT #11 of 10003
hip deep in pie

I am about ready for bed now.

Sean K - May 31, 2008 8:48:33 am PDT #12 of 10003
You can't leave me to my own devices; my devices are Nap and Eat. -Zenkitty





Torque - May 31, 2008 8:55:29 am PDT #13 of 10003
Bad Wolf

Lucky 13

Theodosia - May 31, 2008 8:59:04 am PDT #14 of 10003
'we all walk this earth feeling we are frauds. The trick is to be grateful and hope the caper doesn't end any time soon"

First wasp of the season sighted -- unfortunately, inside the study, where it's likely to sting somebody.

msbelle - May 31, 2008 9:15:07 am PDT #15 of 10003
Now if your car ain't got it, go out and get it. We like the boom and don't you forget it. So turn down the treble and front your bass.

Yay new thread. I am in between events at my reunion. Otherwise known as precious free time. There is nothing for 4 hours and mac is in "camp" for all the kids, so I think I might see if I can get a massage somewhere - or maybe a movie.