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A thread for the discussion of games: board, LARP, MMORPG, video, tabletop RPG, game theory etc. etc. and all attendant news, developments and ancillary subjects thereof, as well as coordinating/scheduling games either online or IRL. All are welcome to chime in, talk about their favorite games or learn about gaming of any sort.

PLEASE TO WHITEFONT SPOILERS for video games, RPG modules or anything for which foreknowledge of events might lessen one's enjoyment of whatever gaming experience.

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Kalshane - Jul 26, 2022 12:04:04 pm PDT #26130 of 26130
GS: If you had to choose between kicking evil in the head or the behind, which would you choose, and why? Minsc: I'm not sure I understand the question. I have two feet, do I not? You do not take a small plate when the feast of evil welcomes seconds.

I'm kind of burned out on D&D and am working on putting together a 1930s Pulp-style game using the Savage Worlds system. (I looked at Pulp Cthulhu first, but decided I really don't like %-based systems. I also looked at Hollow Earth Expedition, which I really liked, but also seems to be out of print and it doesn't have Foundry VTT support that I can find.)

I haven't decided if I'm going serial or episodic with the story, yet, though the idea of "Break a supervillain out of Alcatraz" just popped in my head as an adventure idea and I'm going to have to find a way to incorporate it, now. (Even better if I can have the heroes put him away in the first place earlier in the campaign.)

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