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Gaming 1: You are likely to be eaten by a grue

A thread for the discussion of games: board, LARP, MMORPG, video, tabletop RPG, game theory etc. etc. and all attendant news, developments and ancillary subjects thereof, as well as coordinating/scheduling games either online or IRL. All are welcome to chime in, talk about their favorite games or learn about gaming of any sort.

PLEASE TO WHITEFONT SPOILERS for video games, RPG modules or anything for which foreknowledge of events might lessen one's enjoyment of whatever gaming experience.

CaBil - Apr 24, 2008 1:07:23 pm PDT #17 of 26131
Remember, remember/the fifth of November/the Gunpowder Treason and Plot/I see no reason/Why Gunpowder Treason/Should ever be forgot.

Whoop! Nice shiny new digs...

Glamcookie - Apr 24, 2008 1:09:22 pm PDT #18 of 26131
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Any of you played SET? [link] We played at work recently and it was surprisingly addictive and fun.

Tamara - Apr 24, 2008 1:10:06 pm PDT #19 of 26131
You know, we could experiment and cancel football.

I hope to learn something by reading this thread. Do you all feel the immense pressure?

Polter-Cow - Apr 24, 2008 1:11:15 pm PDT #20 of 26131
What else besides ramen can you scoop? YOU CAN SCOOP THIS WORLD FROM DARKNESS!

I've played SET, Glam. It's very fun indeed.

Connie Neil - Apr 24, 2008 1:13:49 pm PDT #21 of 26131

Yay, gaming! I've got Age of Empires II at home, but hte computer keeps kicking my ass.

megan walker - Apr 24, 2008 1:14:36 pm PDT #22 of 26131
"What kind of magical sunshine and lollipop world do you live in? Because you need to be medicated."-SFist

SET never appealed to me, although the game store folks in NY were always recommending it (along with Lost Cities).

Sean K - Apr 24, 2008 1:16:09 pm PDT #23 of 26131
You can't leave me to my own devices; my devices are Nap and Eat. -Zenkitty


So much gaming to talk about, I don't even know where to begin.

Sean K - Apr 24, 2008 1:17:54 pm PDT #24 of 26131
You can't leave me to my own devices; my devices are Nap and Eat. -Zenkitty

I've been considering picking up some new video game for the new computer. I was thinking about Sims 2, but all I can ever find are expansion packs.

Sean K - Apr 24, 2008 1:29:33 pm PDT #25 of 26131
You can't leave me to my own devices; my devices are Nap and Eat. -Zenkitty

As for the RPG front -- at some point, probably next week, I plan on taking a look at Fantasy Grounds 2, and looking at what modifications are going to be needed for our purposes.

Also, spurred by a number of recent events, I'm finally starting work on a modification of the d20 system that reworks everything into a classless, level-less, hit pointless system. Yes, I am just that bored/stupid/insane. But I think it can be done. And the same recent developments that have started this project of mine up again have given me some good ideas along those lines.

libkitty - Apr 24, 2008 1:29:44 pm PDT #26 of 26131
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I've been looking forward to the voting to be done to come in here and post that I've become addicted to Scrabulous on Facebook, so if anyone would like to play, please let me know and I'll invite you and/or let you know my real name. Or if you know my real name, just invite away!

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is not the kind of gaming people were talking about, but I can be a pushy broad, and this addiction is not to be messed with lightly.